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Batman2x57-2x60+Years And Years 1x02+Supergirl 4x21+The Americans 6x08+Arrow7x21+Charmed 1x15

Pop Goes The Joker

This show is unapologetically camp and hugely enjoyable nonsence. The Joker is intrinsically boring with his systemic threats and sowing of strife, hostility and chaos. There is pop art mocking. Joker messes up art. He did that in the Michael Keaton movie. The Joker is all incoherence and banality. The duo have barely controlled rage and inexpressible pain and rage, maybe, which is why they're vigilantes.

Joker's mustache is green. Aunt Harriet is stupid. The duo are creatively violent. Joker transgresses order and isn't even banally evil. There is no chaos, injustice, evil or grave psychological damage. Batman and Joker are ideologically contradictory as Joker is declared an artistic genius. I'm sure the appartus will chillingly maintain itself and the bourgeois order.

There is no decency or honour, just wilful malice. No-one ever follows the batmobile back to its domicile? There is internecine mayhem in this medicore ep. The cops never arrest Batman for subjecting a minor (Robin) to violence and criminality. Joker's latest moll is memorably horrific in her talentlessness. Bruce and Dick do mid-distance stating. Gotham should be a place of dread for all its ridiculously gleeful criminals. Robin has to get a bus to fight crime, sadly this isn't seen on screen. This was not personally fulfilling.

Flop Goes The Joker

Robin's in a death trap that looks like something a 6 year old made out of straws. Joker's deathtrap has a switch that goes from off to hamburger. Robin doens't find nearly being murdered (yet again) horribly disturbing or deeply disconcerting.

Baby Jane is disastrous. Joker annoys. Baby Jane's bad acting and the Jokrer create misery. This leaves one irritated. There is no huge sense of meance. Baby Jane is an even worse actor than Burt Ward. At least he can pull off the dramatic posing, smug looks, aggression and dramatic statements necessary to play Robin. Baby Jane is compliant to Joker and has fallen from the path.

This was ghastliness. Baby Jane's fawning attention to Joker made no logical sense. Dick's hair is black in this ep. Joker's hair changes colour. Joker tries to rob Bruce Wayne. Albert bashes the Joker with a fireplace poker. Joker sees the batpoles but is too thick to realise what he saw. Joker is on Robin's pole. You can see Joker's make up coming off.

Best Lines:

“Very profound.”


“Must be very profound.”

“He was born on top of the social ladder!”

“Yes, I am reasonably secure socially.”

“You and I have been seen together often enough as it is.”


Ice Spy

Mr Freeze (played by yet another new actor) returns to inspire terror and he does catastrophic harm. It kicks off. Mr Freeze has a toxic paring with a moll. Bruce loves his good causes. Is Dick one of them? Mr Freeze purposefully strives to do evil. There's no horrified disbelief that Mr Freeze is not in prison where be belongs.

There's a seal. This isn't pathos soaked. Why does Robin owe loyalty to Batman? Mr Freeze feels bitter enmity. Robin has unequivocal support for Batman. Bruce Wayne has to have a conversation with himself. This ignores narrative threats.

Best Lines:

“A ghastly experience.”

“Went back up my batpole.”

The Duo Defy

Season 2 ends with this ep. Mr Freeze freezes Gotham. Season 3 would be a refoundation of this show and not in a good way. There is continuous worry and tension. Robin gives Batman unequivocal support.

The freezing of Gotham vanishes. The duo want to de-escalate the fear. This wasn't oddly satisfying. People yell about non-existant icebergs. Batman has absolute certainity with his moral preoccupations. Gordon mentions his daughter. This was terrible. Batman gives moral advice. Is the seal okay? Mr Freeze's freezegun musses Robin's hair. There is some real bad fight scenes. Batman carries live fish in his utility belt? There is product placement.

Best Lines:

“Mr Freeze's iceberg.”

“What a ghastly way to go.”

“Slot cart raceway!”

“That terrible man!”

“Holy polar ice sheet!”

“Put your finger on one!”

“Your homing seal.”

Years And Years 1x02

Rosie becomes a fascist follower of Viv Rook. Daniel is sad when his lover is deported. Not a word is said about Daniel cheating on his husband and leaving the man in the street. How does the grandmother afford to live alone in her huge mcmansion? TV no longer exists. Rosie's white saviour sister Edith is ranting about sanctions against the USA. It's a year since 1x01.

Edith has radiation poisoning from the nuke. Pence is now POTUS. Time passes. The rich family have money issues due to the anti US sanctions. There's a drone accident. Daniel and Edith do liberal SJW ranting.

There are implanted phones and talk of the 22 network. The idiot daughter who wants to be transhuman gets even more annoying. Daniel is still not divorced because his ex won't sign the papers. Daniel is not sorry for what he did to his husband. Daniel talks endlessly about shagging his boytoy.

Where are the electric cars? Daniel's ex takes revenge and gets the boytoy deported. One can't blame him. The boytoy expresses no remorse about destroying a marriage. There is a run on a bank as it collapses and the rich couple are not rich any more and have to live in the mcmansion. Daniel throws tantrums and is a selfish git. Rook rants. There are EMP weapons. Even the police riot when the bank goes under. This was preachy libtard crap.

Best Line:

“The North Pole melted. Like its gone.”

Red Dawn

There is Luthor family drama. People keep mocking Ben and provoking him. All Lena's friends and her boyfriend have no issue lying to her about Kara being Supergirl. Brainy and his bad diction annoys. Alex keep lying and defying orders. Why sin't he arrested? I fast forwarded through many Brainy/Dreamer scenes. Otis is useless. Helen Slater guest stars. Alex gets her memory back and there is sap. This was crap.

Best Line:

“Waterboard me like a normal person.”

The Summit

There are moral failures and eroded trust. Elizabeth is the worst. Stan is awful. Why didn't the KGB recruit Henry instead of Paige? Things go awry. What about Philip's son? Stan's suspicious of them. The stupid intern realises he's been had. Philip rents a Russian movie and watches it. That's it.

Best Line:

“Why isn't she dying?”

Living Proof

Oliver has visions of Tommy Merlyn. Felicity is shocked that she is to be arrested for covering up Roy's murder of 2 men. Felicity lies and has no remorse and she attacks cops. Will someone slap the bitch? Tommy mumbles. Oliver is a judgemental dick. Felicity and Oliver and their spawn Mia always expect people to bow down to their ranting. William rants at Felicity for ditching him.

Team Arrow have destroyed their reputations. Oliver acts like he cares that Tommy was murdered by his father. Oliver worked with Malcolm Merlyn for years! Oliver blames Tommy for not listening to him about Malcolm. FFS, Oliver lied and stole his girlfriend! Felicity wails about her child. The child she didn't want or love and only had to pin on Oliver. There is a cycle of lies and hate. Tommy utters bad dialogue. Dinah tells Roy how wonderful his murderous self is. Die Dinah.

Mia is a shrew. Oliver and Felicity are terrible parents. This was insulting. People seem unware that William is Felicity's stepson!

Switches & Stones

People talk about rubbish. The bimbo still wants to join a sorority? FFS. One sister's constant SJW crap is mocked. Parker lurks. Medusa lurks. This is full of SJW crap and there is a cliffhanger ending. I don't know who these people are. Or care.

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