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Book Reviews: Broken Things + Mortal Fear

Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

5 years ago Brynn, Mia and Owne were accused of the murder of their best friend Summer. Though never convicted, they are hated local pariahs. Now finally the truth emerges. The first 200 pages of this are good, but the rest of the book is obvious, illogical and plain dumb. Brynn is a wretched lazy self-pitying whiner and late Summer was a mainipulative bitch. This is a tale of youth dreams and really rotten people and drained idealism. It is also sadly really boring.

Best Lines:

“Resident developing psychopath.”

“He called me backcountry trailer trash, which didn't even make sense because we we lived in a house, not a trailer.”

“They wish I'd just go away permanently.”

“Every single thing that's gone wrong is my fault.”

“She was just there. Like wallpaper.”

“Makes things meaningul that don't have any meaning at all.”

“She wouldn't have ended up well.”

“I was never loved by anyone, I don't think. I was never even liked, really. If you're lucky, you're tolerated. And then you're supposed to be grateful.”

Bad Buffy The Vampire Slayer novel

Mortal Fear

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