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Movie Reviews: Astral + Morgan 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

Astral (2018)

This is an obscure UK horror about astral projection. There is no striving for flawlessness and setting high performance stnadards. There is no critical self-evaluation or concerns. No names star. There is no clarity, creativety or focus. There are unwanted unnecessary patronising explanations. This was lamentable. People need humility restored.

There are condescending and uncaring teacher is unhelpful. Isn't astral projection just 1970s fringe science? University students are played by untalented actors too bad for 'Hollyoaks'. I never heard of this movie for a reason. There is a non-benevolent interest in astral projection by idiots. Women are stupid brazen hussies.

There is bad acting. There are malign individuals and obsessive interest in astral projection. This was not doom-ridden. A chav has a huge source of resentment about something. I'm sure there will be damaging consequences to astral projection, eventually - oh wait , there isn't, at all. There is no persistence of unease or spectral chill or ominious foreboding. This was calamitous. How did the chav who doesn't read get into a fancy university?

The chav and his 'mates' are chronic malcontents. He and his mates are selfish and self centred. This was miserable and the bad acting make it as difficult as possible can for one to care. Nobody is affectionate or genial. Tools maintain their hostile attiude. There is no harm minimisation or risk mitigation. The chav is the architect of his own problems as demons huant him or whatever it is happening.

Evil never dies, my ass. This causes deep frustration. What is the ending about? This was bad but oddly watchable.

Best Lines:

“A larger world still.”

“Damn astral stuff.”

“Have you tried youtube?”

“Shadow people.”

“Aren't exactly advocates for that sort of thing.”

“A very dark change in your life.”

“Consider your thoughts.”

“Demand its name.”

Morgan (2016)

Kate Mara and Anya Taylor-Joy star. Don't let it out. Mara is a risk assessment officer in this flop movie. Anya is a cyborg thing. Rose Leslie, Toby Jones, Michelle Yeoh, Brain Cox and Jennifer Jason Leigh co-star in this ponderous film. Idiots do disastrous mismanagement of their cyborg as Mara carries out impious inquiries. What did the ending mean? This was wholly abominable and not wickedly rational.

Best Line:

“You have no mother.”

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