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Star TrekDeepSpaceNine 4x23 +Berlin Station 2x05 +Earth Final Conflict (1997-2002) 1x07 +Gotham 5x02

To The Death

The station is damaged after an attack. It was never mentioned again and was repaired very quickly. Sisko and co met a Weyoun and a pack of Jem'Hadar. The two sides have to join forces. The Iconians are mentioned and an Iconian gateway has been found. Nobody seems too bothered that the Jem'Hadar are genetically modified slave soliders born addicted to a drug their Vorta overseers supply. Few Jem'Hadar live to 20, if they do they are honoured elders. One Jem'Hadar proudly boasts he is 8. So on top of everything else the Jem'Hadar are child soliders. Jeffrey Combs guest stars. This was acceptable.

Right Of Way

Has the whole Thomas Shaw plot been dropped? Due to social causes the sting goes awry and this ep is a nearly total failure. This was troubling and escalatory. Indications and warnings are ignored. Nobody is morally clean. Things get erroneous and there are trigger happy idiots. There are politically loaded terms. There are grave undesirable events and moral peril.

Best Lines:

“You put her where she is today.”

“Force into compliance.”

“Street operative.”


Jonathan Doors reveals he faked his death in 1x01. His son Joshua Doors would show up later on, Doors let his son think he was murdered. Doors was awful. There are bad and really dated VFX, clothes and hair. Kevin Kilner as the ill-fated hero Boone is a good and underrated actor. The soundtrack is nice. Lili is such a dumb bint.

It's 3 years since the alien Taleons landed on Earth forever altering the course of humanity. They are not nice poeple. The Resistance HQ and Augur's role in the Resistance are revealed. This was okay. The Taelons are malevolent.

Best Line:

“What part of dead don't you understand?”


Moppets whine. Bruce is as ever, useless. Poison Ivy is seen. Why does Jim not just kill Barbara?!? FFS. Why do people put up with her screaming and tantrums? Where's Shane West? Lord, this bored. Bruce gives Selina 'medicine' that cures her and makes her bad. FFS.

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