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Book Review: The Troy Game Book 1

Hades' Daughter: Book One Of The Troy Game by Sara Douglas

In the Bronze Age Aegean, Brutus is the self-declared King of Troy and is
determined to recreate that lost city. He attacks, loots and pillages his
way to the island of Albion to create Troia Nova, all the while manipulated
by the evil witch Genvissa. Once Brutus arrives in Albion, she plans for the
two of them to use the ancient magic of the Labyrinth to become all

But the ambitious, power crazed duo do not count on the anger of Cornelia,
Brutus' unloved abused wife and the interference of the minotaur, once
imprisoned in a labyrinth. What should have been Genvissa and Brutus' moment
of greatest triumph turns out to their darkest as events are set in motion
that will see those around them reborn over and over again across millennia
to play the Troy Game to its bitter end.

This is vastly superior to Douglass' 'DarkGlass Mountain' series. It's a
readable tale populated by vile characters. Brutus killed his father, rapes
and abuses his wife, murders anyone who looks at him the wrong way and is a
thoroughly disgusting pig of a man. Genvissa is evil and Cornelia is a
doormat so afflicted by Stockholm Syndrome that she wants only for her king
of the pig people husband to love her. As for the minotaur? He seems to be
the stock moustache twirling villain.

This is a good mix of history, fantasy, myth and soap opera. But seriously
Brutus and Genvissa needed to be taken outside and beaten with a rod. 
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