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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'FBI Most Wanted' trailer

A fugitive task force. Is that Julian McMahon?

Best Line:

“Mercy is not our mission.”

'Evil' trailer

A shrink and an exorcist team up to fight evil. Real actual evil in the form of Michael Emerson. This looks GOOD!

'Black Mirror' season 5 trailer

Ugh, Andrew Scott. And Miley Cyrus!

'Agents Of SHIELD' season 6 promo


'Game Of Thrones' the final episode

Oh scary, not.

'Batman: Hush' trailer

Nightwing, punching, looks bad.

'The Dead Don't Die' trailer

Ha! And Adam Drive.

'Batwoman' first look

Bad acting, growling and where did Bruce Wayne go? Where are all his Robins?

'Katy Keene' first look

I read the comics. This is not them.

Red Pesto – nice.

I'll review 'No Way Out', 'Cobra Z', 'The Wicked', 'One Velvet Glove', 'Something In The Water', 'Worst Case Scenatio', 'Broken Things', 'When Darkness Loves Us', 'The Franchise Affair' and 'The Luminous Dead'.

RIP Grumpy Cat.

I won't be watching 'Picard'. Sigh.

They're rebooting 'Saw'? WHY?

'Teen Titans Go!' Quotes:

“Did not do the flip out.”

“Crazy eyes.”

“Eyes of the crazy!”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Liked-minded cadres.”

“One recent death was of a doctor who didn't believe Ebola existed.”

“General hostility to new technology companies.”

'Urban Myths' Quotes:

“I'd rather eat that tramp's ass than go away with you.”

“There's no fresh air in Manhatten.”

'Murder She Wrote' Quotes:

“Overly dramatic entrance.”

“Waiting for him in the closet.”

On 'Hollyoaks': why is Ste happy and go lucky in the opening credits whilst James, Marnie and Romeo are miserable? Why is Sinead wearing wide sleeves and a tiny slutty skirt in the morning at home? Mercedes and Liam won't tell the truth. Why is Mercedes wearing thigh high hooker boots in May?

Best Line:

“This is like so bad!”

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