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Animosity Tales + Grumble vs. The Goon Reviewed

Animosity Tales: Free Comic Boy Day

Animals become self-aware and speak. A woman tries to save fish. This was okay. Then follows a preview of 'Mary Shelley Monster Hunter'. This had ugly art but the storyline could be interesting.

Best Lines:


“A seagull just told me the world is ending.”

“Domestic pleasantries.”

Grumble vs. The Goon: Free Comic Book Day

This was all violence and incoherence. Then there is a preview from 'Hillbilly' whatever that is. The 'Hillbilly' preview is interesting.

Best Lines:

“Violently alluring look in her eye.”

“Murder gas.”

“Genetic deformation.”

“Your teeth can stay here......But you gotta go.”

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