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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Judy' trailer

The yellow brick road, throwing, shows, sadness, Renee Zwellweger and necking pills. Behind the rainbow, maybe.

'Nowhere Boys' opening credits


'Big Little Lies' season 2 promo


'Swamp Thing' teaser

The accent!

'Bluff City Law' promo

Jimmy Smits is so fat.

Gluten free passionfruit cake – moist.

Wild garlic – nice.

Gluten free lime cake – odd.

Sushi – okay.

The Florida bobcat. How did it get up there?

I want a subterranean swimming pool.

RIP Peggy Lipton.

'Blindspot' renewed.

What are toaster sandwich bags?


I'd try orange blossom water.

What is horse opera?

What is tonka bean icecream or beer sauce?

I want a Eugenia Kim Annabelle hat in straw and grosgrain. I want a pink sapphire, white gold, diamond and zunzite necklace. I want a white gold, diamond and citrine inlay necklace. I want a morganite and diamond cluster ring and a pink sapphire and diamond ring. I want a 16.88 carat fancy intense pink internally flawless diamond.

'Schitt's Creek' isn't funny.

I'll never ever ever ever forgive my ex. I had no idea love could be lost quickly enough. I feel chronically unahppy at the pernicious effects and psychological toll of learning my ex did not care for me.

'The Simpsons' Quote:

Marry her to harvest her organs.”

'Pine Gap' Quotes:

“We like to be listened to.”

“Failures of process.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Hedge drinking.”

“How many play dates has she been on that resulted in us receiving solicitors' letters?”

“Slow love.”

“Give him all the quality time I can.”

“Contentedly introverted.”

“Valuing your alone time, and staying alone and isolated.”

“Happier now that he has you.”

“One source of happiness.”

“Being labelled in perpetuity.”

“A cynic's caution.”

“Muttering darkly.”

“Being first-rate at something that isn't drinking tins, childbearing or bare-knuckle boxing.”

“Nobody has ever seen anything like it before, because nothing like this has ever happened on earth.”

“I used to watch the old Batman TV series as a child, not realising it was a camp send-up. To me, it was gritty, violent realism, and Adam West and Burt Ward were totally believable superheroes.”

“Determination not to be bound by other's expectations of what her life and realtionship should be.”

“They roll their eyes, signalling contempt for what the other is saying;”

“Fetishise sacrifice and selflessness.”

“Most Noah's Ark toys are full of species that may not survive the Anthropocene.”

“Become an in-joke that I wasn't part of.”

“Look back in horror at the widespread social acceptance.”

“His style of comedy may have long since gone out of fashion.”

“Achieved notoriety.”

“His was a comedy of its time and place,”

“Many of his friends in show business had abandoned him.”

“No one in your family loved you or thought you were important or special.”

“Those who hate you don't win unless you hate them,”

Your silent treatment of me.”

“Like to be on good terms with you,”

“Nothing but awful to me,”

“Very failed memories.”

“Operational reality.”

“Monstrously conceived.”

“Appalling lack of nuance.”

“Disown the ambitious.”

“Didn't look out for each other, feel close to each other, or support each other?”

“Contempt for the will of the people.”

“The days before fake tan, contouring, GHDs and Instabrows-”


“Exclusion powers.”

“Creative humiliation.”

“Something terrible will happen to her in their company.”

“Inexplicably tie up some loose narrative thread.”

“Thwarting the will of the people.”

“They think you're morons.”

“Street thugs.”

“Perceived indifference.”

“Terminal for civilization.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quote:

“Languish in martyrdom and downright contemptuous of those who fell outside his way of seeing the world.”

'Girl In A Band' Quote:

“Got stabbed twice in the street.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:


“Centuries-old historical outrage – for which archaeological and historic evidence is scant-”

“Norway's sole contribition to world cuisine.”

“You're never given a menu – he simply looks at you, looks at your party then serves you whatever he thinks is best.”

“Democracy could be suspended without notice.”

“The one source of joy and responsbility, in his otherwise lonely, miserable life.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“No one speaks up for her. Not once.”

“However useless it might be to us.”

“Only four of the people who have walked on the moon are still alive.”

“Media narrative.”

“Little or no genuine interest.”

“Intervene in any meaningful way to resolve matters.”

“Succession planning.”

“Personally victimising series of events.”

“Apocalyptic, messianic theocracy.”

“Dropped dramatically in age, organisation and levels of restraint.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Prepare to haul.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Ste's a purposeful hateful stalker. Mercedes and Ste are TPTB's pets who never pay for their myriad sins. Mercedes is a crap mother. Why does she have hooker hair extensions? Why is the racist in the Maaliks garden? Why does Grace wear such ugly clothes? Farrah has chav tattoos and a bad haircut. Why are Ste and the racists in Cindy's house? How do they afford it? Mercedes seals her own fate.

Why aren't Max and Bobby at school? Mercedes is thick. Ste's scurrilous abuse is taking a grim psychological toll on the Maaliks. Imran's thankless and Sid carries on his raucous antics. There's ugly wallpaper. Mercedes is useless. Ste has saisfaction and is incapable of calm reflection. Ste carries on his war of relentless attrition against the Maaliks. Cindy's selfish.

Why is Leela hanging out with Ste? Mercedes loses custody of her stepson. Mercedes shrieks and tries to physically drag him away from his real family. Mercedes is a useless mother. She doesn't even miss Max's dead father.

Best Lines:

“I wish my dad had never met you!”

“You forgot about me. Again.”

“I'm just in the way.”

“Look at some star thing.”

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