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Book Review: Ungrateful Daughters

Ungrateful Daughters: The Stuart Princesses Who Stole Their Father's Crown by Maureeen Waller

The overthrow of James II and his son is not remarkable, it's not as if throne usurption had not happened before in the UK. It did not totally undermine ethos, tradition and history.

This 2002 biography of Queen Mary II and Queen Anne is badly written and terrible. James II and his awful second wife and his pretender son are depicted as innocents undone by the machinations of 2 unlovely daughters. Anne Stuart is monsterised as is her sister and their mother.

For those who have been 'The Favourite', this reveals how Sarah Churchill, Duchess Of Marlborough was much much worse than shown in that film. If Anne or Mary had any moral quesitons about usurpring their father and refusing to accept their half-brother, they pointedly refused to ever apologise. If they were troubled by inquiries as to the legitimacy of their Queenships or the mad rumours about their half brothers birth, they never showed it. This book doesn't address Anne's 17 failed pregnancies. Why did that happen?

Best Lines:

“It cannot be my wit because he hasn't enough of it himself to know that I have any.”

“Become their implacable enemy and encourage the basest slanders on her reputation.”

“Women's education was not high on the agenda of Restoration England and no one minded about Mary and Anne's lack of it.”

“Will never have children that will live.”

“She is the most hated woman in the world.”

“Destined to leave her.”

“Even his parents were somewhat relieved at his death.”



“Grow up to be his great adversary.”

“Sent her no jewels or presents in recognition of her new dignity.”

“Forcibly seperated from his servants, even his dwarf.”

“It does not have occured to him to do so.”

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