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The Invisible Man Quotes

It was as if something was knocking at the back door of my brain. Something that wanted in, real bad.”

“I have a gland in my head that makes me go insane.”

“Darien you’re insane.”
“Yeah, we went over that.”

“Simon’s memories took over my body while I slept. We all remember this. It wasn’t fun.”

“I just thought he was a lazy, selfish, snot nosed punk.”
“Believe me I used to live with him.”

“See through boy.”

“When I kicked in the door I expected to see a raging psycho.”
“Well guess what, you should have looked in the mirror.”

“You see anyone else around here with six million dollar dandruff?”

“Do you dream in black & white or colour?”
“Colour why?”
“Last night I dreamt in Quicksilver.”

“Use it at the risk of your sanity.”

“Darien are you there? Listen I just want you to try and relax because I don’t think the Wendigo wants to kill you.”
“What do you mean? What?”
“I think that it wants to mate with you.”
“Pardon me?”
“It all makes sense to me now. Remember when you were licked?”

“You got yourself into something unsavoury again.”

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