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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Bad Seed' promo


'Batwoman' offical teaser

A huge cape, a bat signal and I'm there.

'Watchmen' teaser trailer


Best Lines:

“We are everyone.”

“Have ourselves a reckoning.”

'Honest Trailers: The Mummy'


'The Flash' 5x22 promo


'The Lodge' trailer

You're not welcome here. Riley Keough, Alicia Silverstone and Richard Armitage star in this tale of unwelcoming stepkids, a cult and creepiness. Yes.

'Rim Of The World' trailer

Aliens invade and kids are in peril.

Best Lines:

“It's 'Independence Day'!”

LoveRaw Butter Cups Hazelnut Butter – bland.

Where is 'Forgotten Gods'?

My ex gutted me emotionally. A word to my ex courtsey of TLC:

I don't want to meet you nowhere...get no love from me..I don't want no scrub

They are rebooting 'Cliffhanger'?

'New Mutants' delayed again!

'Sky News' Quote:

“The grandson they've still to meet.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Decy its failure.”

“Manifesty achieved.”

“Disastrous confrontation.”

“Rise of the unreal.”

“Expecting top-tier results.”

“Exam dread.”

“Speech laziness.”

“Fundamentally hostile.”

“Local grievances.”

“Middle-aged women forced out of their jobs by bullying – the tormentors in each case were 30-something women.”

“Living like a winner.”

“Spend countless hours pursuing false conspiracies.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quotes:

“Science juice.”

“While I do nothing with that knowledge!”


On 'Hollyoaks': Ste's racist mate has his son claim Imran is being radicalised. Mercedes refuses to give her unloved stepson to a relative who actually loves and wants him. Mercedes blames everyone but herself. Ste and his racist mates laugh at the Maaliks pain and move in next door to them.

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