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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Firefly: Free Comic Book Day
Why have space colonists regressed back to the Old West? Why is there such disastrous decision making? Where are the Asians? Why is there a monster? A woman is hired to hunt down war criminals. Namely Mal and his tasteless lost/noble cause. Mal is a blatant Confederate expy.

Meanwhile Buffy does incoherent demon slaying. Anya runs a shop. There’s a rabbit. Angel lurks. He and Anya are friends. Then Buffy works at Tuna Verse. Willow wears a crop top, short shorts and fishnets. Buffy has self-imposed isolation. This was fairly mundane and not honestly unsettling or authentic.

Best Lines:
“It’s not something I would dare keep in my shop. Souls are a nasty business.”

“You’re on octo-gunk duty. It won’t scrub itself out of the sink, you know.”

“You’re weird, I like you.”

Riverdale Season 3: Free Comic Book Day
Archie’s boring. This was boring. This had no excitement level.

Best Lines:
“Toxic bags of testosterone.”

“Typical Riverdale drama.”

“Betty Cooper: most likely to become a psycho-killer like daddy.”

“A Narnia-sized closet full of skeletons.”

“Lynch-esque melodrama.”

Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor: Free Comic Book Day
The Doctor and her football team sized army of companions have an adventure in an amusement park. This was dull and tries to very hard. But it is painfully ordinary.

Ignition: Free Comic Book Day
I’ve no idea what this is but it intrigued. People get powers from a school shooting, oh that’s tasteless. Other people have powers and a doctor have powers. There are also previews of a comic about a gangster in Florida, a comic about a bad cop in 1978 and a preview of a comic about a woman into black magic. I am interested.

Best Lines:
“Breaks its own bones, pushing them through the skin to form sharp claws.”


“This is a very, very bad place.”


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