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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

‘Proven Innocent’ 1x12 promo
She’s back in jail.

‘The Fix’ 1x08 promo
An $18 million dollar reward and a stalker.

‘Victoria’ 3x08 promo
“I think papa is dead!”

‘The Virtues’ promo

‘The Secret Life Of Pets 2’ TV spot

‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ clip
Clint Barton throws 3 darts, gets a bullseye and scares Stark. Ha, from Avenging to darts to working for Loki - he’s efficient.

Fajita beef stir-fry - okay.
Absolute Black 100% Dark Chocolate - disgusting.
Burito style beef burgers - okay.
Sage - okay.

I’m doing work on LJ.

In ‘Avengers Assemble’: Black Widow bit the brainwashed and crazy Hawkeye during their fight. So later on, he’s wearing his sleeveless SHIELD uniform. So where’s the bite mark?

Who saw ‘Naked Lunch’, ‘Mists Of Avalon’, ’Ella Enchanted’, ’Becoming Jane’ or ‘The Lawnmower Man’?

There’s ‘Farscape’ slash?

I wish Brandt would return to the ‘Mission Impossible’ movies.

Baby reef sharks are cute. Parrot fish are so blue.

The Dowling street cats are cute.

What’s cloudberry or fleabane?

‘Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23’ Quotes:
“My foot hoe dreams.”

“Not in your dreams slut.”


‘Tracks And Trails’ Quote:
“Nobody will dare touch a fairy fort anywhere in Ireland.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Promises from this Prime Minister are worth nothing.”

‘SFX Appeal’ Quote:
“Not supposed to interact socially with others of their race. A bit like Eastenders scriptwriters.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
Socially excluded.”

“Imposed system.”

“Love felt trivial.”

“No longer willing to accept it.”

“Become irritable, nervy and let themselves go?”

“Become whining, neurotic and unattractive.”

“Historical turning point.”

“Anti-humanist forces.”

“Respectable irrationalism.”

“Complicity in moral harassment.”

“Bring shame on you.”


“Comes to ensuring other people meet their needs.”

“The national crisis they have spent two years wishing for did not materialise.”

“Issuing threats,”

“General misbehaviour.”

“Long-held suspicion.”

“Reduced to a single clump on the shores of Lough Derg.”

“Affect the reputation of his descendents.”

‘BBC News’ Quotes:
“The art of being extra.”

“Go somewhere else.”

‘Amazing Hotels’ Quote:
“Reef creatures.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quote:
“In a manner that involved serious violence.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Infiltrate our family.”

“Make emotional investments.”

‘Avengers Assemble’ deleted scene Quotes:
“3 levels of lead lined flooring between SHIELD and that cube.”

“I see why Fury chose you to guard it.”

“Set on making yourself known.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Ste picks (hopefully with irreversible consequences) his lout racist mates over his family. Why does he have custody of his kids? Ste’s stupid and shows no concern that his ‘mates’ are racist trolls. Mercedes is a terrible mother. Ste’s always been full of deep seated rage and has a negative impact on those around him. Ste has violence in his DNA. Damon and Maxine are engaged. Ste’s into incitement. Ste thinks his racist ‘mate’ is his brother?!?!

Ollie plans to have sex with his girlfriend and is worried. Hasn’t he already have sex done to him? Ste thinks he is a disregarded victim with absolute conviction. Why do people think Ste is better than his troll mates? Ste attacks Sami and is barred from The Dog. Ste long ago crossed a line of no return. Ste loves physical altercations. When will Ste get his comeuppance? Leela throws Ste and his racist mates out of her house. Breda pipes up that orange Mercedes is a horrible unfit mother. She’s right! Why don’t the Maaliks call the police about Ste’s harassment of them?

Best Lines:
“Thug little mates.”

“It’s well embarrassing!”

“My real son! So it’s only natural that I love him more!”
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