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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina 2x04+Line Of Duty 3x01-3x06+Berlin Station 2x03+Babylon 5 5x22

Chapter Fifteen: Doctor Cerberus's House Of Horror

A tarot reader shows up. Is Nick to be trusted? Nick is marginally appalling. Nick sparks mistrust. Sabrina faces major issues of community acceptance. Nick, Sabrina and this show causes constant irritation. There are morally dubious actions and smothering neurosis. This show is a massive disappointment.

Veronica Cartwright guest stars. People take poisonous delight into being obsessed with their own moral righteousness. Lord Blackwood has an adversarial tone. Theo has drama. An era of ruin and calamity cometh. This was stultifying dullness. There are no tantalising thoughts and this was not brimful of intrigue or potential.

This was not bleakly believable. Calamitous fates await. People are romantically dysfunctional. There is no adulation. This was not emotionally difficult. There is talk of a family annilation. Morally unacceptable things happen. The tarot woman observes ominiously. But was any of what she said true?

Harvery meets a weirdo named Howard who sees monsters. Is Howard meant to be Lovecraft? This was inane. Lord Blackwood goes on about the old ways. There is a twist and is Luke DEAD? HOW?

Best Lines:

“Very recently lied to me. About not doing something.”

“Getting ready to do something.”

“Harbingers of the void!”


There's been a shooting. Steve annoys. Kate's undercover and Hastings is angry. This was incredibly stupid. There is inanity and banality in this tedious ep. This was not wrenching. Hastings has moral supereriority. Was he a toxic devil commiting an astonishing betrayal all along? Possibly. Steve is implacably hostile. Reality is grim and sordid.

Danny Waldron takes out his bitterness on those around him. He's terrifyingly miserable. As of 5x06, Hastings is tragically wracked and still facing suspicion. There's death. Is Hastings really a viciously violent crimeboss? Possibly.

Best Lines:

“Ear witness.”

“I got an email from their lawyer that was 3 pages long.”


Things have gone quickly and disastrously wrong. The order of things has been shaken. This is not a matter of great consequence. Steve is extremely tetchy and profoundly bad-mannered. Was Hastings perncious, with a propensity for extreme violence and new levels of ruthlessness? There is a poisonous atmosphere. The season 2 AC-12 victim, Denton, is retried. This was dull.


Is Hastings still avoiding all detection as a corrupt crime lord as of 5x06? How is he still running AC-12? Hastings and Kate are not moral guides. Danny is revealed to have taken a heavy psycchological toil in a care home. Was Hastings causing harm and distress or was he grossly wronged by Gill?

Steve was complict in the persecution of Denton. Steve learns about care home abuse. This was unedifying and ultimately unsuccessful. Is Hastings immensely sinister and guileful? I think so. I feel intense dislike for Steve. This was utterly silly. Hastings is oddly uninterested into looking into historical abuse. There is a frame up. Denton walks free. Did Hastings violate public entrustment?

Best Line:

“We told coopers. And then we learnt not to.”


Denton gets an apology from Gill and Hastings. Kate and Steve won't apologise. They're awful. Steve lied about shagging Denton in court and to Kate and to Hastings, who is obviously hiding stuff. Dot frames Steve as the Caddy. Dot is the Caddy aka a crime gang fixer. Lord Hastings has a beer belly on him.

Best Lines:

“You haven't actually said sorry.”

“Laid out for everyone to laugh at and pity.”


Steve's stupid. Nobody went to Danny's funeral. Steve yells at Hastings about being a Mason and covering up child abuse. Steve does reckless gun usage. Hastings lies about being a Mason and acts shifty. This was not daftly enjoyable. Is Hastings a systematic malicious liar and an evil genius outplaying and undermining his co-workers? Gill's badness is obvious. Is Hastings vicious and duplicitous and filled with menace? Steve sets out deliberately to cause trouble. There is death and an internet cafe.

Best Line:

“Certain allegations have been made against you.”


Steve's arrested for killing Denton. Hastings broods in his uniform. Steve's lies about shagging Denton are revealed. Hastings is smug, he's a man who outed an undercover office to an OCG which got him killed. Dot is exposed as the Caddy and gets a fellow corrupt officer to shoot up AC-12. Kate does a big chase scene and Dot dies. Kate is not so smart, she misunderstood Dot's dying words. This was full of padding.

Best Lines:

“I intend to be heard sir on the record.”

“I'm totally bloody calm!”

Right To The Heart

People worry about Hector. Boring people do boring things.

Sleeping In Light

The end. Ivanova is a General. There is no sign of Elizabeth. Vir is Emperor and has chaste threesomes. Delenn, Sheridan and Ivanova are into nepotism and mumbling. They are not accountable either. B5 is being shut down and blown up for no clear reason. Lorien pops up like a blister. Piss off.

Best Line:

“Did you think we had forgotten you?”

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