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Babylon55x20&5x21+ChillingAdventuresOf Sabrina2x02&2x03+Batman 2x36-2x38+LineOfDuty1x03-1x05+ 2 more

Objects In Motion

This was unwatchable. People are ungrateful to Lyta. There is bad acting.

Objects At Rest

Sheridan is pompus and smug. Lennier betrays the Rangers. Londo plans to kill Sheridan and Delenn's future son. Delenn fawns over Sheridan, I think I threw up someone elses dinner. This is an unwatchable morass of sap, smugness, bad vfx and sappy music. What do Sheridan and Delenn see in each other? Lennier left Sheridan to die cos he loves Delenn. WHY? There was bad acting.

Chapter Thirteen: The Passion Of Sabrina Spellman

Satan prances around looking like a man in a dirty rubber suit. Satan wants Sabrina to be his herald. The Church Of Night is not conducive to the bringing up of empathetic individuals. Are TPTB hooking up Roz and Harvey? Satan tests Sabrina and she's obliged to fulfil his will.

Madam Satan is not going to get the power she imagines she will wield. Madam Satan purposely sabotages Sabrina. This is not emotionally challenging. This show doesn't make you feel a wave of dread. Sabrina has bleak choices. What about the murdered witch boy? Or Harvey's family being witch hunters?

Theo is harassed in the boys locker room. This was appalling. Witches have a mark called the devil's grasp? A jock falls down the stairs. There is no happiness or fulfilment for Sabrina. What did Ambrose do his old college mate? People live bitter lives.

The Sabrina/Harvey ship is sunk. Satan makes Salem sick because Sabrina dosen't obey him. Satan tells Sabrina to burn down the school. She has to prove herself. She does and Salem recovers. Little seems to bring Sabrina joy, she just seems to always see the negative in things. Witches aren't sweet or thoughtful or kind. Madam Satan is jealous of Sabrina. A witch play is put on. One engages with nothing or no one in this.

Best Lines:

“Evil? That word means nothing to our kind.”

“Ear worms.”

“Dark devotions.”

“The Dark Lord visited me last night.”

“A sacred covenant.”

“Risk bad things happening to them and those around them.”

“Virgin's bed.”

“I've been cold since the garden.”

“Sacred satanic texts.”

“My non-satanic friends.”

“Tried to kill me with a gargoyle.”

“I am so done with your protection.”

“The false temple of goodness.”

“You want me to burn down my school?”

“Denies his followers pleasure.”

“Know secret things.”

Chapter Fourteen: Lupercalla

It's witch's Valentines Day. There are testy exchanges. It's all carnality. The overpowering and intimidating Nick lurks. Untoward things go on. Madam Satan has her familiar back. Madam Satan is vindictive. Sabrina's friends have abandoned her and couldn't care less. Ambrose and Prudence hook up

This was not emotional or moving. Hilda's love interest has secrets. This was not meaningful. Theo has drama. There are dishonest impulses in this wholly unsatisfactory ep. Sarbina shows off her underwear. Madam Satan meets the fiancee of the woman whose body she stole. Theo has a haircut. Hilda goes looking for some but her love interest is possessed.

I find no delight or wisdom in this. I don't care about Theo's drama. Nobody is wise or credible. This was not meaningful. Everybody has a perverse and malicious nature. I wish Madam Satan and her overacting would go away. People are wholly unreasonable. Zelda is to marry Lord Blackwood. A blood covered axe is waved. Roz goes blind. Nick lies. This now passes for normal.

Best Lines:

“What fools these mortals be.”

“Tangled with my fair share of sex demons.”

The Mad Hatter Runs Afoul

This aired at 19:30 back in the day. Batman and Robin have been reduced to skeletons or so people think. Gordon and O'Hara crack up at the news. The White House, the Queen Of England and the Kremlin are informed of the duo's passing. Naturally the duo are not dead. HOW did they escape?

The duo are the pride of Gotham city. Mad Hatter is ungrieving. The duo are truly and selflessly devoted to crime fighting. Batman has emptied Robin of his will. This is the destiny Robin chose when he accepted Batman's patronage. Mad Hatter has sullen defiance and no fear of retaliation. There are 4000 women on the funeral committee and there's a Batman statue committee. What about a Robin statue?

This was not an orderly conclusion. People are understandably distraught at the duo's 'deaths'. Dick wears an ugly green sweater. Bruce wants a moment alone with Dick. :) Aunt Harriet has an incalculable level of anxiety. Mad Hatter has straightforward thuggery. Batman's cowl is still radioactive?!?

Best Lines:

“Hold on to me!”

“Nyet! Nyet! Nyet!”

“For the sake of all human morality!”

“The Spring Street Aquarium?”

“Ran out of fish.”

The Zodiac Crimes

The boring and annoying Joker shows up. Dick blows a big horn tunelessly. No comment. Joker and Penguin team up for a ratings stunt. Joker's hair changes colour between scenes. Joker has a sidekick Venus who is a proto Harley Quinn. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Caped cabbage heads!”

“Maudlin mockery.”

“Fallen in with bad companions.”


The Joker's Hard Times

How did Batman get the rare art map? Batman and Roin escape the death trap whilst looking wary of the sparks. Joker later plans to feed the duo and Venus to a giant clam. No comment. Venus probably got a UTI from that water. Joker has lipstick on his teeth. The giant clam eats Robin. This was medicore.

Best Lines:

“Tripped up by your own ethics.”

“A clam is only a bivalve mollusk.”

“Justice will catch up with you!”

“No good purpose.”

“Move your fish!”

“Don't let them catch you from behind!”


Jackie's been murdered. Her body would be kept in a freezer and finally dumped in 5x05. Steve annoys. Gates lies. Steve makes a show of hismelf. This was an unmitigated disaster. Steve does a disapproving mocking voice. Was Hastings doing conscious acts of evil all along? Was he deeply pernicious and faking living a life of virtue? This was pretty dreadful and Steve is rather ghastly. This was not high drama. Steve's aggressive stance draws derision. Poor Hastings is in a miserable place in 5x05.


AC-12 have ruined Gates' career. Nobody acts in a supportive and respectful manner. Kate is awful. Steve laughed a little too gleefully at Gates. AC-12 carry out job sabotage. One feels a lack of engagment. As of 5x05, how can Hastings ever restore his authority? Kate's oppositional. Was Hastings into toxic practice and feigned controlled disgust at corruption?

AC-12 (as of 5x05) seem too easily to believe that Hastings has betrayed them. Hastings charm is undeniable but as of 5x05, he's in enormous trouble and has become the focus of his own team's attention. Was he false? Has Hastings betrayed them all?

Steve's pursuit of Gates is waasteful. It is obvious that Steve was meant to be the lead but co-star Hastings took over the show. If Hastings is guilty, how long has he been getting away with it? If he's innocent, it's no guarantee of loyalty. As of 5x05, Hastings is an isolated, unhappy, sorry sight.

Is Hastings a victim of the failure of the cause he's committed his life to? Has Hastings shielded the truth with lies? Few things AC-12 do can be called good. Gates in series 1 and Hastings in series 5 don't want AC-12 to know their secrets. There are no seismic revelations. This was supremely inept. In 5x05, Hastings is regarded with some suspicion.

In series 5, there is no other credible version of events that exist to explain Hastings action. There's compelling evidence that Hastings has been knowingly and intentionally conspiring. Dot lurks. This was endlessly predictable. Steve is vindictive. In this ep, Hastings was trusted completely. AC-12 seems the limit of Hastings' social circle. This was incompetence. Bad things happen to Steve. That just happened.


This was so slack. Hastings is magnificently smug. The morally worthless Steve is in peril and is shamed. An evil kid laughs. The evil kid is an evil adult in series 5. This was not emotionally brutal. Baddies escape. Steve is a leering doofus. Interest is long gone. Was Hastings engaging in egregious duplicity, inquity and detestable wickedness all along?

Star Trek Deep Space 9 4x11&4x12


Agents of the Dominion are on Earth. Dax bullies Odo. Robert Foxworth and Susan Gibney and Brock Peters guest star. Nog is a cadet at Starfleet Academy. There is padding in this slow ep. Earth is a peaceful haven. There is strange unspoken tension and bad acting. This was okay. Martial law is declared due to paranoia.

Best Line:

“I'm not sleeping. I'm checking my eyelids for holes.”

Paradise Lost

Sisko supects Red Squad. Sisko's dad who kicked up a massive fuss about not doing blood tests in 4x11, has one without a word of protest. A smug cadet shows up, he'd show up again and things would go worse for him then. Avery Brooks does his weird overacting. I preferred these eps back in the day. The bloodtest that detect shapeshifters is prove easy to fake, again. 2 Starfleet ships fire fight. People have terrible personalities. This was dull.

Charmed 1x12

You're Dead To Me

There are flashbacks, lies, a necromancer, demon blood and a witch is hurled out a window. Parker's still at college. The PI looks into witches. An evil sorority sister plots. A deal is made. Parker is so Cole 2.0.

Best Lines:

“Resurrection has a cost.”

“I'm inherently wrong.”

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