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Saw the latest ‘New Moon’ trailer. I won’t be seeing that, it looks like badly acted OTT rubbish.

Have been watching some old eps of ‘The Invisible Man’. I really liked that show. It’s a shame that some of the darker edges from the pilot movie were rubbed off for the series. Things like how the Quicksilver Madness was different and Darien’s involvement in criminality was toned way down. Still they did keep the Darien shirtless theme going. And his tendency for getting abducted and his hideous dress sense.

They also made Kevin Fawkes into a bigger tool. He knew the first Invisible Man was left permanently invisible and that he went insane as a result and was killed. So what does he do? Salvage the gland and stick it into his brother’s head. Then refuse to remove it as it makes Darien a ‘better man’ this despite the gland giving Darien RNA multiple personality disorder and making him into a violent sociopath every so often. Then there is the gland’s origin. It was harvested from a Bigfoot.

Looking forward to ‘Fringe’ and the shattering of Peter’s emotional attachment to his abductor. Questions Season 2 has to answer: Is the 'war' between Earth1 and Earth2 all down to the fact that one man from Earth1 stole a child and never gave him back? How does other Walter feel about Walter taking his son? Is guilt and the spectre of other Walter what sent Walter mad? Peter once (and still) a violent, criminal, amoral arms dealer reconnected with his 'dad'. When the horrible truth that Walter babysnatched him comes out, that reconnection will blow up. It should be masterful.
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