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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

'Line Of Duty 5x06 promo

Armed cops surround Hastings. Steve thinks Hastings could be innocent. Kate is a bitch. Hastings smirks and claims he isn't H. He is isn't he?

Best Lines:

“I'm not H.”

“Failed to bring him down.”

'Baywatch' promo


'She Ra And The Princesses Of Power' promo


'The Handmaid's Tale' season 3 trailer

Offred is so stupid. Nick, Serena and Offred plot. This was OTT and there is fire.

Best Lines:

“There's no such thing as escape.”

“You have influence.”

“Up to a point.”

'Painkillers' promo


'Veronica Mars' teaser

Neptune never had Spring Break. Veronica is smug. Who are these people?

Best Line:

“You don't develop a keen sense of mercy.”

'Crawl' trailer

A woman is trapped in a flooding house during a Category 5 hurriance and there's an alligator. This looks GOOD.

Best Line:

“We won't be able to come for you.”

Chocolat Noir 72% de cacao – nice.

What's a frog orchid?

I don't understand why my seemingly adoring ex discarded me.

What happened to 'Salt 2'?

Thinking of 'Avengers: Endgame': Black Widow wore her arrow necklace which hinted at her and Clint.

'RT' Quote:

“Chanted shame on you.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“The culprit is never found.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“No one ever called around for her.”

“Had no friends.”

“Saw a look given between the accused that I was not happy with.”

“Serious death threat.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Never shy of attention.”

“Reputation can be salvaged or utterly destroyed.”

“Any scraps of decency or honour.”

“Secrets were damagingly betrayed.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Learned his fate.”

“Dubious heir to the throne.”

“Done in the name of our protection.”

“Felt invisible.”

“Co-living model.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Most dramatic setting yet.”

“Letter of dismissal.”

'The Gloss Magazine' Quotes:


“Could break the TV if thwarted.”

“He'd claim, despite evidence to the contrary, that they always got more biscuits than him him, more cake, more ice-cream.”

“He'd say we didn't care about him.”

“Afraid of certain teachers.”

“Excluded by all of his peers.”

“You're being too lenient.”

“See his world shrink. No-one called at the door looking for him. He never asked to go out.”

“No longer accepting violent behaviour in the home.”

“Hear he was loved and wanted.”

“Began to have a social life, something we never saw coming.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Unasked-for hype.”

“Where's the beef, ya vegan?”

“Go away and get a job.”

“When it dawns on them where they are.”

“More headlines – unfortunately not always good ones.”

“Police dragged him last month.”

“The established media, of which he is frequently hostile.”

“Accused her of not supporting him,”

“Literary God.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quotes:

“Break the law and I break your face.”

“This is exactly what non-violence needs to!”

“That woman has lost her humanity!”

'Dead Pixels' Quote:

“So so happy with my choices.”

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