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Book Review: The Monster Baru Cormorant 😢😢😒😒😢😢

The Monster Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson

The long awaited sequel to 'The Traitor Baru Coromorant' takes everything that was good, bleak and dark about that novel and tosses it away. Baru has to face the brutal consequences of her actions. She and her nemesis reach new levels of depravity with frightening bravado.

Nobody has appalled shame. Baru lacks ability, agency and grit. This lacks coherence, logic and sense. Baru acts like a fool and is useless and plain dumb. People have points of contention and it is bewildering how bad this is. This is full of contrived violent excesses and fateful decisions and attention seeking behaviour and dubious notions and pointlessly dangerous acts.

Baru is irrationally proprietorial. Sense is disregarded and this was innocuous. The ending sets up a sequel. This makes no bleak sense and the plotline is irreparably compromised.

Best Lines:

“Speaking poisoned words.”

“Associate conjugation with terror.”

“It's not all conspiracy.”

“What if it is?”

“War gas.”

“What is worthwhile about their society?”

“Amused ourselves on the new rug.”

“You are going to regret this. You are going to regret it so dearly.”

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