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Book Reviews: Sons Of Darkness + Available Light

Sons Of Darkness: A Night Vigil Novel by Gail A Martin

The author who once had so much promise has gone downhill with the 'Darkhurst', 'Ascendant Kingdoms', 'Fallen Kingdoms' and 'Deadly Curiosities' series. And then there's this. This is a bog standard 'Supernatural' knockoff as 2 mismatched men meet up and hunt the ghoulies and ghosties that lurk out there.

They create victim narratives and define themselves through their own victimisation. This has no positive impact and the plot is not coherent or persuasive. The cover is a badly photoshopped mess that makes this look self-published. The author is practically begging for your adoration but this is so boring and full of padding, you fail to see why characters are incoherent with fear.

This is beset by many problems – mostly it is so very dull.This quickly heads for irrelevance and causes bemused exasperation. The 2 leads have a cult of victimisation and identify themselves through their misfortunes and vulnerabilities. This is Martin's least impressive novel. You don't care about the characters tragic devastation or evil raging unchecked or their attachment hunger, unalterable category of existence and unimaginable future.

Tragic things happen to these characters, there is unspeakable distress and one character is unjustly maligned by his kin. But this causes shocking apathy, things never turn properly nasty and this wallows in its own pompus mythology. This was beset by problems and I regretted reading it.

Best Lines:

“His question had managed to frighten the dead.”


“The homeless guy who sees death omens?”

Star Trek The Next Generation: Available Light by Dayton Ward

Section 31 has been exposed causing mass libtard moral panic and moral crisis. People are arrested yet Picard seems to be getting away with his part in the assassination of a UFP president. Old white men make excuses for Picard. His crew lickarse him and say he's a victim and this book is tone deaf and the potentially riveting wrenching drama of Picard being exposed is instead made vacuous by the shrill and irrational reponse to Section 31 by various people.

Admiral Ross faces ostracism by society in this bloody awful tepid book. Characters are leached of personality to big up Picard's 'melancholy gravitas'. This was dismally unentertaining and it was only 1/4 of the book. The other 3/4 are made up of soaring dullness as Picard and co enocunter a mystery ship in deep space.

Ross and co face public vilification in this irredeemably daft crap that lacks thematic heft and it is silly beyond belief. This was absolutely dreadful and disastrous and causes absolute frustration with its faux serious moral discourse. This was a trade paperback and it makes one fearful for the future of the novel-verse.

Best Lines:

“None of it can shield them from what's coming.”

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