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Babylon 5x18+DS9 4x08+Batman 2x29-2x33+Line Of Duty 5x05 Reviewed

The Fall Of Centauri Prime

There is exposition as Londo pays for his betryal of the Shadows as the Drakh show up to lisp and Centauri Prime is bombed back to the stone age. Sheridan yells, so much for Mr President. There is mannered actings and yelling.

Londo becomes emperor. Centauri Prime has been laid waste but all Sheridan cares about is Delenn. Londo is not tragic, he is an ass. Vir is thick. TPTB ladle on the Londo = Hitler comparisons. The Vorlon homeworld is off limits for a million years. Oh just end already!

Best Lines:

“Who knows what they took with them?”

“Issue the surrender order.”

Little Green Men

There is a shout out to 'Past Tense 1&2'. Nog, Rom and Quark are the Roswell aleins due to time travel and a sabotaged ship. Megan Gallagher and Charles Napier and Conor O'Farrell guest star. There is idiot plotting, Odo and the Ferengi are sexist. There is a Hanger 18 mention and this was medicore.

Best Lines:

"Travel the galaxy exploring new worlds and new civilisations.”

“Mankind will travel to the stars and take its place in a vast alliance of planets.”

The Cat's Meow

Catwoman is looking for aggro in all her bonkers glory. Bruce and Dick discuss their vigilante activities near live microphones and tv cameras. There's always an ever-looming threat in Gotham. Burt Ward as ever does controlled intensity. Catwoman is a threat to the social order. The GCPD do aimless milling about. They have a generalised attiude of apathy.

Catwoman does histrionic antics. There is such lunacy. Catwoman goes into the stealing voices business. Batman spews ill-informed semi profundity. Catwoman has an indoor swing. The GCPD are unwilling or unable to end rampant crime in Gotham. A Beatles knockoff band arrives in Gotham. Does Dick never go to school? Catwoman plays a dance teacher and manhandles Dick. This was okay. Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde guest star. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“The Big Green Thing That Devoured Pittsburg.”

“2 grubby morons.”

“Catwoman. It's nice to see a responsible citizen like you for a change.”

The Bat's Kow Tow

Catwoman has night vision glasses. Batman fears that the loss of Chad and Jeremy's voices could cause the world's economic structure to collapse. Batman has his utility belt back despite it being burnt in the previous ep. Catwoman wants Batman. This was okay.

The Puzzles Are Coming

The Puzzler lurks, he is caked in makeup. A Howard Hughes knockoff is thicko. A heinious henchman fights Robin in a really pervy looking way. Robin and Batman are obviously wearing padding. A hot air balloon deathtrap is set up. This was okay.

Best Lines:


“Holy deposit slip!”

“Reasonably successful multi-billionaire.”

The Duo Is Slumming

Santa Claus cameos. There is no rapturous acclaim for this. Batman looks like George Hamilton. Baddies try to stuff Robin into a plane engine. This was okay.

Best Line:

“Slight odour of secret writing.”

The Sandman Cometh

Catwoman's out of jail AGAIN. And she allies with the Sandman (Michael Rennie!). They plot against each other. A policewoman is in peril. The Batsignal is seen. I detest Aunt Harriet. This was good. Why are there so many abandoned businesses in Gotham? Sandman wears a HUGe fur coat and looks like a pimp.

A computer spews pasta. Sandman looks sinister and does chicanery. There are freaky looking henchmen like Snooze (Richard Peel) and hideous orange curtains. The duo are in peril.

Best Lines:

“There must be trouble in Gotham city.”

“2 way out characters are climbing up the wall on ropes. Real weirdoes!”

“Wonder boy.”

Line Of Duty 5x05

Where is the media with all this corruption and murder? A thug kid is in college, I'm sure they're sending him into the police. Does Hastings have suppressed insane darkness in him under his grating self-satisfaction? This was melodramatic nonsense. Hastings coworkers are gratuitously spiteful and affectless. Kate and Steve suspect Hastings is H, the big bad. Hastings' story from 1x01 about ending up in intensive care after a pipe bomb is brought up as Steve and Kate hint he had it coming. Lord they're awful people.

AC-12 are taken off the case. Kate plots against Hastings, she so wants his job. Kate's husband hates her: she cheated on him, ditched their kid and slept in a parking lot. So he has a point. Hastings told Lisa he was H. I think he is. This was ridiculously banal. Kate and Steve are idiots and the new character can't act. Hastings is locked up.

Best Line:

“I'm going to prove that Hastings is H.”

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