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Movie Reviews: War Dogs + The New Guy + Rough Air: Danger On Flight 534 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

War Dogs (2016)

2 idiots become arms dealers. A guy sings 'Don't Fear The Reaper' to old people. The duo peaked in high school. They get guns from dubious sources. A fat dude waves a big gun. This was not alluring but it was okay. The idiots are woefully misguided and commit dubious acts.

There is a 'Scarface' poster and the idiots are heartless and stupid. One dude has a baby and lies. There are no women of note in this. The duo have intense chagrin. A guy feels personal and emotional attachment to arms dealing. People yell down and break old phones. Why does the hero have scars on his face?

Every day, these guys life choices look more and more like the wrong choices. They end up in Jordan and do gun running and they're full of confidence. I deeply dislike these people. This reminds me of 'Pain & Gain'. The fat dude has utter sneering contempt. There is a roomful of money and sand. The duo have licence plates that read Guns & Ammo. The dad gets a fancy apartment.

The duo expand the business and they're dumb and completely reckless. They get the chance to arm the Afghan army. They go to an army expo and Bradley Cooper shows up as an ominious arms dealer who never takes his sunglasses off. Someone gets beaten up in Albania. There is a warehouse full of weapons and they forge a fake money trail.

One guy's babymama leaves. The duo continue being idiots and there is rain and uncivilsed and dangerous people make things a total shambles. They repack illegal ammo and there is an utter disregard for sense by the duo as their greed gets worse. The duo face a significant impact. This was based on a 'Rolling Stones' article and it's all true, more or less.

The guy (Miles Teller) had no reason to trust the fat boy. Kevin Pollack is in this. Unspeakable distress is caused. The fat guy bff sucks. They're arrested and there is an open ending.

Best Lines:

“She still hates me.”

“Either in on it or stupid.”

“Quit or got fired from 6 different jobs.”

“Massaging rich dudes in Miami Beach.”

“Nobody really cares about old people.”

“The one you got arrested with?”

“Keep killing the bad guys.”

“Think ebay but for war.”

“I live on crumbs.”

“I'm still confused.”

“Bottom feeders who make money off war.”

“At least what he thought was 25%.”

“Who someone wanted him to be.”

“I dropped out of high school before they covered international diplomacy.”

“Getting cancelled for cause was a death sentence.”

“Our entire business was riding on the word of an 11 year old translator.”

“Those pearly yellows.”

“Triangle of death.”

“Comic-con with grendades.”

“Spent decades preparing for a western invasion that never came.”

“I'm on a watch list.”

“10 cents a round.”

“Two day town.”

“Hadn't seen daylight since the cold war.”

“A good idea to get high in the parking lot.”

“I'm a trustworthy guy.”

“Fell off the planet.”

“Never paid the box guy.”

“What would a bad man do?”

The New Guy (2002)


Rough Air: Danger On Flight 534 (2001)

Eric Roberts and Alexandra Paul star in this film that is so dated it could be from 1973.

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