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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

'Bonding' promo


Best Line:

“Liberation from shame.”

'Swamp Thing' teaser promo

Isn't this already cancelled? Eeewww, Crystal Reed.

'The Mandalorian' teaser


'Long Shot' tv spot


'Mary Kills People' promo


'I Trapped The Devil' promo

It's christmas and a guy has satan locked up. Or does he? This looks good.

'Prospect' trailer
People look for stuff. No.

Gluten free orange blossom macaron – yum.

Gluten free Rose macaron – nice.

Gluten free vanilla macaron – nice.

Milk chocolate with hazelnuts & with sweetner – okay.

'Slasher' got a third season?!? HOW?

RIP Ken Kercheval.

I want a 16.88 carat fancy intense pink internally flawless diamond

Saw the 'Sliders' season 5 ep that featured Rob Youngblood's second guest apperance on the show. He was cute but a terrible actor and the ep 'The Great Work' sucked.

'Dead Pixels' Quote:

“Proper muck.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Being ungrateful is one of her greatest qualities.”

“Just a threat.”

“Wasn't listening while he was ranting.”

“Suspcious events occur.”

“Coy looks.”

“A location he deems questionable.”

“Live in constant fear of upsetting him.”

'Urban Myths' Quote:

“Badger ham.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Universal sadness.”


“Devastating impact.”

“Unprededented animosity.”

“Forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation.”

“On his first day at school he was cornered and asked if he knew the words to the Sash. He didn't so the kids beat him up.”

“Deluge of accusations and vitriol.”

“Notoriously unpopular.”

“Furiously accusatory.”

“Cranes able to work in 3,000 m of water.”

“The future ability of the planet to support life is in question.”

“Radically changing how we run society.”

“Wicked malingering patients.”

“Doesn't fit the bill of a tradtional ally.”

“Geological time, after all, is very long-”

“Entering the rock record.”

“Plastic is becoming an archaeological feature.”


“Desist from provocations.”

“Capacity for being appalled.”

“Alarmingly isolationist position.”

“Not even recognised as medical diagnoses in most countries.”

“Landfill indie.”

“Once broke up in the middle of an interview with the Guardian.”

“Battle to maintain a habitable biosphere.”

“Live in a world governed by reason.”

'The Thick Of It' Quote:

“Sounding like a hairy arsed docker after 8 pints.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Secret connivance.”

'The New York Times International Edition' Quotes:

“Incompatible with international society.”

“Never-ending con.”

“Hasn't had to face a calender change for a generation-”

“Revealed in the possibility of his destruction.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quote:

“What's a thought?”

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