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Book Reviews: The Spirit Of The Place & Other Strange Tales part 2 + Bad BTVS Novels

The Spirit Of The Place & Other Strange Tales: The Complete Short Stories Of Elizabeth Walter edited and with an Introduction by Dave Brzeski, part 2

The Island Of Regrets

This was a dated tale of a couple who go to a taboo island and regret it. This causes controlled frustration. Walter takes malicious satisfaction in the making the female character the worst. The couple will have to do more than face the community's anger for making all the wrong choices. The harm the couple have done is unrepairable. No retification is possible.

Best Lines:

“How stupid they are,”

“A virus disease.”

“A young English couple of more than usual stupidity.”

The Drum

A Colonel and his wife have issues. This causes no terrible disquiet and has no distinction.

Best Lines:

“A wife was a possession, not an entity. Her fate would be decided between her husband and lover, but she need not be consulted or approached.”

“Refused him his due.”

“I've never been really necessary.”

The Sin-Eater

There are ominious disclosures, racism and gratutious ambiguity in this.

Best Lines:

“A pig could be smelt.”

“Latest offence agaisnt decency.”

Dearest Clarissa

This okay tale was told in a series of letters. A woman has been put in a facility and writes to her sister and so unfolds a tale with a not unexpected twist.

Scientific Impossibility

This was tosh.

A Question Of Time

This too was tosh.

The Spider

A man kills a spider leaidng to tragic devastation. Walter seemed to have rage and contempt for women.


A murderer is haunted by his victim. This was okay comedy.

Best Line:

“Foully done to death.”

Davy Jones's Tale

A man desires his cousin's wife in this idiot tale that ends dissatisfedly.

Best Line:

“Gull-loud air.”

The Hare

I've no idea what this was about.

In The Mist

An oppressively familiar ghost story.

The Lift

I've no idea what this was about.

The Street Of The Jews

This was a bad tale of societal anxieties, moral attacks and moral unease.

Hushabye, Baby

A woman is sure another woman stole her baby. There is wife beating, sexism and terrible consequences to extreme paranoia.

Come And Get Me

One has to work hard to decipher the ideas and themes of this ghost story.

The Concerte Captain

An ultimately pathetic tale.

The Thing

Not an innovation.

The Travelling Companion

No nuances.

The Spirit Of The Place

Culturally bereft.


A queasy tale of a vampire.

Grandfather Clock

A tale of greed and emotional abuse. Nobody has high moral principles.

Dead Woman

A newcomer in a village is accused of being a witch who ill-wishes people. This was okay.

The Hollies And The Ivy

A couple buy a house covered in ivy. Evil ivy. This was okay.

A Monstrous Tale


The Little House

A Wendy house hides a dark secret. This was okay.

Dual Control

A bickering couple learn a harsh truth. Yawn.

Telling The Bees

This was dull family disunity.

Christmas Night

Cliche ridden.

Bad Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Power Of Persuasion and Return To Chaos.

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