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Book Reviews: The Colony + Childgrave

The Colony by F.G. Cottam

Is this self published? It seems so. One expected a scary story, reading this leaves you brutally disabused of that notion. This hopeless crap has sequels. How? This was incoherent and it is difficult to comprehend how bad this is. An isolated community on New Hope Island vanished without a trace over a century ago. Now an expedition goes looking for evidence as to what happened to them.

This is not a sojurn in the abyss. A rich nutter believes in aliens – that would have been better than the racist plot that unfolds on the bleak landscape of New Hope. It's truly shocking how bad this was. This has no dramatic benefits and leaves you with significant unmet needs. Also the layout, writing and spelling mistakes (Maria Carey?) needed severe editing.

Best Lines:

“Spite made flesh.”

“Basic hostility to other people.”

Childgrave by Ken Greenhall

This 1982 novel has been reprinted. It is dated, racist, sexist and has an unfortuante WTC mention. I can't believe this is from the author of the divine gloriously creepy 'Elizabeth'. This leaves you faintly bored. A morally iffy weirdo man full of trivial self pity faces the consequences of his dreadful decisions in this woefully inadequate novel.

His weirdo daughter does worrying behaviour, which he ignores and he hooks up with a weirdo woman who lives in a town that does child sacrifice. This was woefully misjudged imbecility that is throughly vile and inept and offensive.

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