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Movie Reviews: A Thouand Heroes+The Nest+The Happy Prince+Willow Creek 😁😒😁😒

A Thouand Heroes (1992)

A DC-10 has an emergency. This is based on a true story. Charlton Heston, Richard Thomas, James Coburn and Bruce McGill star in this tale of the plane that crashed into a cornfield. This sausage fest has a repellent insistence on Americana and it's broing. This was dated. People have sunk so far in their cirumstances this does not deliver enjoyment.

The Nest (1988)

Terri Treas features in this horror based on the recently reprinted Eli Cantor novel. This is nothing like the book. There is bad acting and rubbish dialogue. There is dumb comedy and this was super horrible.

Best Lines:

“Cockroach crap.”

“We'll never stop it.”

“This is Jung's basic theory!”

The Happy Prince (2018)

Colin Firth co-stars in this bio-pic of Wilde after his release from jail. Very well fed looking starving children beg. Wilde is a broken man and grubs money off friends and former fans. He's exiled and in murky circumstances and has desperate longing and has emotional discomfort.

Wilde gurns and puts on makeup. He had over 700 days of hard labour in jail. He overlooks his wife and sons. Why can't he stay away from the life ruining dreadful Bosie? Everyone hates Bosie except Wilde. Moral issues are ignored. Wilde has emotional isolation and faces ruthless exclusion and maligning of his character. French is spoken. This was not epochal.

Wilde is mocked by louts who turn into a mob. Wilde was once an idol, that time is long since gone. He does not find any allies. Wilde is incapable of sense. The scenery is nice. Wilde has a degree of volatility and knew the consequences of reuniting with Bosie. Wilde does not care about his wife's harsh reality and inestimable loss. Wilde lists the scale and gravity of the vitriol he faced due to his ill-judged acts.

Bosie is demonstrably false. There is no future enjoyment for Wilde who is no moral exemplar. This is an unflattering insight into Wilde and his unwholesome goings on. Bosie goes hysterical constantly and screams abuse at Wilde. He's an appalling egomaniac. Bosie and Wilde have no money. Wilde looks terrible. Is that all Rupert Everett or is it makeup?

This was written and directed by Everett. Wilde does no work and mooches off everyone. Bosie gets angry at being blamed for Wilde ruining his life. Anna Chancellor, Beatrice Dalle, Emily Watson and Colin Morgan also star. It is hinted that Wilde and his wife Constance died of syphillis. Wilde pukes on himself, Firth has a huge tache and a priest is called for when Wilde is dying. Wilde dies. Bosie is given a good slap at the burial, he has a very grim future ahead of him.

Best Lines:

“Growing and spellbound audience.”

“End of all peace.”

“My public had not forgotten me.”

“Likely to set fire to the hotel.”

“Nothing in me, not even fear.”

“The natural habitat of the hypocrite is England!”

“How kind of you to speak to me.”

“Welcome you into exile.”

“Dined on shame.”

“Result: lunacy.”

“Lepers dying under a full moon in a foreign hotel.”

“Written me a revolting letter.”

“Dependent upon Bosie's absence from your life.”

“What plans can I have?”

“Am a ruined man.”

“Been against me.”

“I forbid him to live with that infernal man!”

“Drunken groper.”

“Punitive silence.”

“You disgust me Bosie!”

“Scribble beautiful thoughts.”

“The hell in which i live.”

“Useful bore.”

“When history looks back it won't be at you! It'll be at him and me!”

“This little bird shall sing forevermore,”

Willow Creek (2014)

This found footage movie has a couple looking for Bigfoot. He's a tool and she's a harpy. They're in Bigfoot country and bad stuff happens, eventually. This bored.

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