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Book Review: The Spirit Of The Place & Other Strange Tales, part 1

The Spirit Of The Place & Other Strange Tales: The Complete Short Stories of Elizabeth Walter edited and with an Introduction by Dave Brzeski, part 1

This collects long forgotten and out of print supernatural tales.


The editor says very kind things about the late Walter.


This is not harrowing reading. There is racism and the characters are idiots. WTF is a cold frame? Why was the stolen idol in the UK if the thief was still abroad? This wasn't substantial or soul-wrenching. This has no emotional weight or bleak conclusion.

Best Lines:

“He is the sacred god of the witch-doctors, whom I managed to steal away.”

“Good for you,”

“Looked at Brian with dislike.”

The New House

What is a box room? An idiot man doesn't tell anyone about the human bones he found in his garden. This leads to trouble. There is sexism and a pregnant woman is infantalised. The man learns the land his house is built on has a grisly history. What's a tied cottage? There is stupidity, wife beating, ignorance of CPR and this was diastrous.

Best Lines:

“Won herself an evil name.”

“Gentlemen of the road.”

“The local people seem to hold the hill in horror.”

“Who had an unsavoury reputation.”

The Tibetan Box

A magic box brings peril to idiots. Stupidity has a massive cost and does terrific damage.

Best Line:

“Presence was obviously neither anticipated nor desired.”

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