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Victoria 3x04+Arrow 7x16+Shadowhunters 3x18+Supergirl 4x16+The Americans 6x03+DS9 3x26+ 2 more

Foreign Bodies

Albert heightens tensions and is discordant and communicates with his wife only via note. Albert heads off to Cambridge with surly silly pride. Nothing orderly and decent happens. Albert whines and is guilty of being unpleasant and has grievances. There is no whiff of recantation. Why doesn't Victoria divorce him or order him to the seaside? The poors bore. Albert is wilful and wayward.

Victoria ignores her friends letters. Why doesn't Victoria do her own hair? Her half sister stirs the pot. Cholera is rampant in Soho. A water pump is seen. The footman and the Duchess bore. The Queen's friend is having a baby. Where are the pea soupers from the horrible air pollution and the graveyards leaking corpse juice due to being full? The Duke is horrible and corrupt in motivation.

There is a woeful response to the urban danger of cholera. An owl is seen. Albert is bitter and fixated and especially unhappy and full of unreason. Albert is not serious, moral or decent. As if Victoria cared about cholera victims. Albert is relentlessly negative. Victoria talks to a nurse and yes she is Florence Nightingale.

Victoria is not a reassuring image of authority. The Duke does constant tormenting of his wife. A doctor does tireless advocacy. Albert is not liked. Victoria is much-derided by her husband. Albert is not the sweet beloved consort Victoria would mourn for decades. He belittled her. A doctor tries to warn people about the dire consequences of the water pump.

Albert has a desperate need for praise and burning jealously of his wife. A doctor mentions bad water causing illness and so people harbour deep suspicions of him. There is social disintergration. Albert has no contrition. Albert is not liked. He's reprehensible and has callouness. This was not brutally ingenious. Albert has emotional poverty and is wilful and cruel.

There is no dramatic terrain. People still believe in miasmas. The doctor is a deeply divisive figure for promoting bad water theory. This was deeply unpromising. Albert wants to run Cambridge and they don't want him. Victoria was not socially conscious. The predictable consequence is that her friend gets sick and dies of cholera. Victoria is thoughtless and Albert still does not apologise. The water pump is put beyond use. Victoria responds to her friend being in the clemency of death by humping Albert.

Best Lines:

“I cannot refuse him.”

“Ladies who are happy to welcome a little stranger.”

“They do not want me.”

Star City 2040

This is setting up a show retool isn't it? Felicity had Mia. Oliver and Felicity ignored William. Mia was trained by Nyssa to fight. Nyssa is obviously knocked up despite the attemtps to hide it. Why did Oliver abandon Mia too? Felicity never told Mia about William? Way to freeze out the unloved stepson Felicity.

Felicity was a bad mother so Mia ran away. Who built the wall around the Glades? Renee and Zoe hang out. A gang of Canaries run around. Roy broods. Shouldn't Grant Wilson be taking over the city about now? Why is Star City a ruin and the Glades are shiny and high tech? Stupid bad guy names are used. Felicity has not aged. She is found in a cell and is ungrateful and thankless. Felicity is not a hero. Mia screams and sulks and hurls abuse at everyone. Oh piss off bint. TPTB make Renee a bad guy to big up Felicity. Star City is under attack again. Yawn. The entire city turned on vigilantes? When? Mia is such a tool. Maybe Slade was a good father to Grant and so he didn't turn into a Kylo Ren knockoff.

The Beast Within

Simon's sister walks around in a slutty outfit. Why is Simon getting so much screentime? A monster attacks. Jace has bad hair. All Alec's time and attention goes to the 'vulnerable' Bane who is not coping. Maia lurks. Simon and Bane are emblematic of this show's multiple issues. There is exposition. Bane always makes a clamour and colonises Alec's social spaces.

This show has a limited future. Bane has taken on a position of victimhood. Alec is stupid and doesn't voice his needs. Bane's dad tells Alec to break up with Bane. People confound themselves and this is not profound or disturbing. Nobody is fearful or distressed. Luke shows up. This was fakeness. Jonathan whines. This does not have a nuanced approach. Personal choice is not a thing. There is bad acting.

Clary acts out. Bane is an insurmountbale imposition. Bane does interior design for Alec's mother. There is no grief, shock or loss of identity. This ep was a failure. Alec's mother and Luke hook up. Nobody misses Jocelyn. Jace is all compassionate and supportive and has lost his edge. Simon's sister is a bimbo. More fae prance. There are no profound loving connections.

This was not sufficently melodramatic. There are no ethical obligations just incivility and moral injury. The fae are uncaring. There is no unrelenting pressure or terrifying end points. This was pointless. There is no toxic pressure or emotional loneliness. Alec has negative psychological wellbeing. There are no traumatic events. Simon's mother is in Florida. There is bad VFX. Simon's sister is negatively impacted. This was not an intense experience.

There is no gratification from watching this. Simon's sister doesn't say thank you. Alec montones. This ep leaves one inattentive. This was not wonderfully unique. Why is Clary so valued and championed? There is no kindness only intolerance and hate. There is no caring or compassion. Clary goes bad. There is familiarity. This was not intenese. Everything is so obvious and it takes dedication to get through this.

I feel disillusionment with this. There is no emotional fulfilment. Simon's jokes are never quite as amusing as TPTB thinks they are. There is no inventiveness. This show is in disarray. Major decision points and ill will happen. This leaves you disgruntled. This ep is a horrible ordeal. Bane has self-cancelling contrariness. Wilful betrayals take place. Jace and Clary have toxic dependency and then she bashes him on the head. Alec breaks up with Bane and is called selfish. Lord I hate Bane. Alec and Bane are annoying. Clary is refractory. Bane's dad plots, schemes and lies. Simon is all boorishness and roughness. Alec behaved irresponsibly.

Best Lines:


“Okay, you're scary.”

“The whole blind fortune teller thing is a little tired.”

“Come to resent you.”

“Prevent that future.”

“Source of all his suffering.”

“Hurt. A lot.”

“Mysterious hot bad boys.”

“Demon bait.”

“There is no fixing this.”

The House Of L

Lex has a supersuit? Kara beats up Lex but he has powers and beats up Kara. The Daily Planet building is seen. Poor James recounts the hell Lex put him through. What language was Lex writing in? Lex poisoned an entire courtroom. There are flashbacks to Lex being the big bad. There is pathological avoidance of sense.

Lex ran the prison he was in. There are no knowledge systems. Where did commiegirl come from? Commiegirl is called Snowbird. Capricious Lex wants subservience from Red Daughter aka Snowbird. The foundational concept of this ep = yawn. Lex plays Snowbird. This was completely horrible unadulterated rubbish. People regress in morality and Lex made Lockwood his patsy.

There are no severe ramifications and no fixed moral stance. Commiegirl uses the name Linda Lee whilst undercover. Commiegirl wonders how Kara affords a huge apartment on a reporter's salary. Lex is a mad fecker who behaves vindictively. Kara makes faces like she has crotch goblins. There is a fake death and nobody noticed the missile fired from a US warship that commiegirl then attacked? Otis tells a kid to avoid bald guys.

There is no emotional redemption or moral ambiguity. Lex gave himself cancer. There is no emotional impact. Why didn't he die from strolling into a reactor core? Mr Luthor was a drunk? This was all incoherence and Red Daughter gets her outfit.

Best Lines:

“Superman made me do it.”

“Manson girl.”

“You're not Manson.”

“Lobster's 18th century peasant food.”

“Need a lot of alibis.”

“Rise against you.”

“America's exports: movies and bombs.”

Urban Transport Planning

Elizabeth's awful. Stan needs to piss off. Elizabeth has an unbending sense of moral superiority. Philip can't pay for Henry's fancy school? Elizabeth has a homicidal glare. The travel agents has a big fancy office. There is interpersonal bitterness and manipulative overbearing conduct.

Oleg's sick of Stan. Paige learns about Russian cooking. How does Claudia get Russian movies? Philip points out that Elizabeth doesn't know Russia anymore. Elizabeth mentions perestroika and glasnost. Stan's woman wants to join the FBI. People are self-absored with little foresight. People make constipation faces. This was ridiclious and Elizabeth murders someone yet again.

Best Lines:

“Trouble back home.”

“She's pretty much seen it all now.”

“Whatever you're doing here. Don't.”

“Not supposed to be in the house.”

“Watch movies from home.”

“Talking about opening a Pizza Hut in Moscow.”

“You haven't talked to anyone back home in over 20 years.”

“I call embassy!”

The Adversary

Sisko is promoted to Captain. Dax shouts. Eddington acts off. O'Brien is dumb. The senior staff are all on the Defiant as they are in peril from sabotage. Who has criminal intent? Distressing and unacceptable things happen. There is bad acting and nobody noted that the fake Bashir faked the blood test? Odo kills someone. This was flawed.

Best Lines:

“A lot of memories. Most of them bad.”

“You're too late. We are everywhere.”

American Vandal 2x05&2x06

Wiped Clean

This is cancelled. There is no ethical conduct. This ep is not laudable. There is minimal motivation to care. This is not a poignant account of bullying, ruined lives, vomiting and thoughtless kids. There is a cover up at the school and a duo do excessive and irresponsible journalism. There is self-interest and odd and disturbing emotions and rhetoric at the school. This was not a totem of culture. There is no steely resolve.

There are insufferable attiudes and value signaling and snide remarks. There is no deep sincerity and this was derisory. There is no moral system just gape-mouthed staring.

Best Lines:

“Hot janitor.”

“What's a lichen?”

“Sympathy vomit.”

“Gifts Of The Lamb.”

All Backed Up

There is incalculable damage done. People with mood disorders stare. There is complete irresponsibility and a new suspect. People criticise the integrity of others. There are indefensible acts. There are vexatious and frivolous goings on and damning details and people spew devious posion. There is a cover up and I feel general indifference.

Best Lines:

“Crap calender.”

“Feared no consequences.”

Charmed 1x10

Keep Calm And Harry On

Harry's in hell jail. The sisters whine. Parker and his mom bore. Parker's demon dad looks like a pimp. The sisters are bimbos and this sucks hard.

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