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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Big Little Lies' clip

Bonnie kills Perry. Why does this look so bad?

'Victoria' 3x05 promo


Best Line:

“Get out of this house!”

'The Perfection' trailer


'Supergirl' 4x18 promo

Kara makes things worse, again.

'Arrow' 7x19 promo


'We Have Always Lived In The Castle' trailer


Olives – nice.

LoveRaw Butter Cups Salted Caramel – nice.

LoveRaw Butter Cups Peanut Butter – nice.

Rice wrap – nice.

Cherry cola – nice.

Gluten free super seeded wholegrain crackers – okay.

Gluten free strawberry macaron – okay.

Who saw 'It's All Gone Pete Tong' or 'Goodnight, Mister Tom'?

Notre-Dame nearly burnt down! Where were the fire brigade? The French are always on strike. I saw the Rose Window, it's beautiful and dramatic and luckily it survived. But what happend to the bee hives on the roof?

I am broken-hearted by my ex's treatment of me. I feel frustration at this injustice. I feel hurt and abandonment for which he's culpable. My ex is a bad person and a pathetic lowlife scumbag. He's petty and I'm bitter about the indefensible thing he did. My ex is not a grevious loss. He is a LIAR. My ex closed the door on our relationship. He failed me. There is no welcome here for him.

What are OCR files?

I am remembering my first email address – which no longer exists.

'Ghosts' is appalling. I gave up on it after 9 minutes.

Best Line:

“Screaming like a mad person.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Hates as creatively as Dublin.”

“Controversial social change.”

“A consistent campaign of non-co-operation.”

“Infers care.”

“Any objective evidence to support his assertions.”

“Behaviour brought embarrassment on the association on various occasions -”

“Leading to a highly charged atmosphere locally.”

“Posse comitatus.”

“Treat me with contempt.”

“Seems to hate me.”

“Will not support me.”

“Awful, unprovoked things.”

“Push for a response.”

“You haven't heard what she has to say.”

“Social background.”

“Age-appropriate games and activities.”


“Lose her the chance of marriage.”

“Describe love under its normal aspects.”

“Delinquent parents.”

“Examine your own conscience.”

“Asked us to leave when head lice were spotted in my daughter's hair.”

“Weeping over their follies,”

“Parental wrath.”

“Oak timbers in the roof were 1,000 years old.”

“The spire has fallen! The spire has fallen.”

“Notre Dame saw the trial of Joan of Arc, the crowning of Mary Stuart as Queen of France, the coronation of Napoleon.”

“Took 200 years to build the now collapsed spire.”

“The circumstances surrounding his death remain a mystery.”

“We know the consequences.”

“Seduced away from family vlaues.”

“Tolled at most major events in the history of France, including the coronation of kings, papal visists and to mark the end of two world wars.”

“Dominate a city,”

“Shattered households.”

“Emotional liability.”

“Shaming tactic.”

“Inferior commitment.”

“Generation after generation of memory.”

'Nationwide' Quote:

“Never received the support they had hope for.”

'At Your Service' Quotes:

“Exited through the roof.”

“I don't want to be judgemental or anything.”

“Not impressed.”

“Information lectern.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Stained glass is melting.”

“Stood for 850 years.”

“Stained glass windows are melting.”

'Euronews' Quote:

“Past the point of being saved.”

'RT' Quote:

“Time for him to face his judgement.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Put in safety.”


'The Spirit Of The Place And Other Strange Tales' Quote:

“She seems to have never discussed it with anyone who is still around to tell us.”

'Game Of Thrones' Quotes:

“Danaerys is our Queen.”

“She shouldn't be.”

'Neighbours' Quote:

“Instead of coming home to me. You spend all night with my son! Ex love of your life!”

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