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Star Trek Discovery 2x13+Black Summer 1x05-1x07+Batman 2x20-2x22+The Victim 1x04+Line Of Duty 5x03

Such Sweet Sorrow

There is a dramatic sunset. There's water on Vulcan? Sarek and Amanda stare. The Enterprise shows up. There's an evacuation corridor on Discovery that can be deployed between it and another starship. This was NOT seen on 'TOS'.

Discovery is not blown up, as if they'd really blow it up. Not even MULorca did that. Michael yaps. Control has deadly intent. Are TPTB intentionally antagonising us by making everything about Michael? Pike does meaningful looks. Michael sees the future. How did Michael get to Enterprise before Pike and Saru?

The Enterprise bridge is seen, it's very very shiny. Number One shows up. Will people stop calling Control by Leland's name? Leland is dead! Does anyone care? The Admiral shows up and does nothing. Why won't we see another ship like Discovery? The sphere data is protecting itself by not allowing Discovery's auto-destruct to blow up.

There is a moral puzzle. Season 2 has varied in effectiveness. Michael sees a future where eveyrone dies. This isn't immensely significant. Control is a major malign actor, offscreen. Michael can't be non-contentious and has selfish interests. I've had a lifelong fascination with 'Star Trek'.

Michael wants to send Discovery to the future. Spock never mentioned time crystals in 'TOS', they sling shot around a sun, more than once! This ep is not layered with complex concepts. This is not an emotional situation. Micheal puts on a time suit. Why doesn't Spock shave and put on his uniform? The ex-emperor suggests creating a supernova. People mumble about combat operations. Ash stands around. Tilly's friend shows up. Reno lurks. The time crystal trip is one way. Michael's martyr complex is pointed out.

How did Sarek and Amanda find Discovery? Wasn't Discovery on the run? There is sap. Sarek claims Spock asked him to keep a distance, which doesn't explain what jerks Sarek and Amanda were in 'Journey to Babel'. The Discovery crew vow to go with Michael. Ash isn't coming. Michael loving Ash is technically necrophilia. The crew record goodbyes to their families. There is speech making.

Pike FINALLY leaves. What does Ash need to do? Pike knows who the ex-emperor is. She uses the term mirror universe. Michael seems unaware of the concept of 3D space. Number One has big poufy hair. This was dull.

Best Lines:

“This will never be over.”

“Some version of him.”

“Leland didn't deserve what he got.”

“I get to make a supernova.”

“Diplomatic meltdown.”

“You're very invested in being selfless.”

“My gaping character flaws.”

“Humans were not meant for this.”

“Sob and wail.”

“Commiting to a life amongst the stars.”


There is no conciliatory and co-operative tone as William and Sun (not the 'Z Nation' one) are trapped in a diner with the truck poeple. Interest is waning in this show. Rose has tortuous whims. This show has a slow moving nature. There are unlawful and unjustified acts. There is yelling and swearing. Why didn't the bodies in 1x03 revive? This is not an unimaginable nightmare. This descends into snide and hostile farce. People talk of a horde, how has a zunami formed already? There are inaccuracies, mistruths and lies.

A foul deed is planned by tempestuous people who lack basic moral standards. This show is disastrous. What is so special about the stadium? An intractable problem does not lead to a challenging and provacative ep. Sun faces the immediate and urgent problem of being thrown to the zombies. A guy got scratched. This was horrendous and not compelling. There are callous and calculated acts. Rose and co and William and co meet up.

Best Lines:

“This is the world we're living in.”

“Not ready to die for all of you.”


Soliders seem to have negative sentiments toward Rose and co. People are only ever evil to each other. There are no difficult or complex issues. People are only ever evil to each other. There are no difficult and complex issues. People have utter destitution. People are aggressive and unco-operative social dangers.

There is no substantial assistance. This was not very complex. This was not a pleasant suprise. This was lousy and nasty. Nobody is constructive, collaborative or trusting. Badness is entrenched. This contains manifest errors. This show was bungled. Other people are seen. There is no code of ethics and I've no idea what was going on in this incompetent ep. Where's Lance? A zombie is in an air duct. The solider is the guy who knew something. This was really bad.

The Tunnel

Nobody is reasonable, amsuing or morally sound. This banality has a certain paucity of anything resembling proper cultural sustenance. This causes a pall of boredom. The 'soldier' is the guy who knows something. This was low-intensity. One is uncaring. This is not a powerful, compelling narrative. Where is Lance? It began in Denver? Lonely guy has found the gang again.

Hawaii has isolated itself. There is no dramatic tension. The idiots are piteous. There is no relevance. People are capricious, wilful, thoughtless, powerless, deluded, foolish, wilful, cruel and clueless. Fake Spears is busted. This is not a serious work of art. There are no musings on mortality. Rose is a fool. There is no building intensity. A dog shows up. One guy just wanders off with the dog.

Best Lines:

“Contain and clear all black zones.”

“Black Zone. No living left.”

The Stadium

This was not a provocative thought experiment. This was curiously sterile. Other people show up. There is reckless gun usage. There is chaos and death. This was not profound, challenging or powerful. This wasn't unflinching or haunting. There are no considerable implications. This was not delightfully creepy. The stadium is empty and shows no sign that anyone was ever there. Her daughter shows up, maybe. This was terrible and not urgent.

Deep Freeze

The duo escape, offscreen. Mr Freeze is unnecessarily vindictive. Why do so many Gotham criminals have pathological conditions? It's a deeply damaging day for Batman's reputation. This was deeply unpromising. One awaits the day, Batman will erupt with long suppressed rage. This was horrendous. Bruce and Dick are horrified that people are failing to admire them. This is negligible.

Why is Dick in a meeting with big wigs? He's 15! The female reporter sneers. Miss Iceland is wrapped in clingfilm. The duo wear bat thermal underwear and smear bat anti-freeze on themselves. There are obvious stunt doubles. You can see Miss Iceland flinch as Batman icepicks her her out of the clingfilm.

Best Lines:

“The iceman cometh!”

“Terror reigns.”


“Any average millionaire.”

“Right always triumphs.”

“Destroyed their saintly image.”

“Panic is rampant. Throughout the long and terrible night; reports have come in of hysterical children everywhere, awakening and screaming: mama mama, don't let the ice cover me please!”

The Impractical Joker

The useless Joker is back. Joker has a new moll (Kathy Kersh). Burt Ward would leave his first wife and marry her (but not for long). Joker has a bad dye job. What did they use to make his hair green? Kool-Aid? Bruce and Dick's viewing of 'The Green Hornet' is interupted by the Joker. There is a truly ridiclious deathtrap. One feels bemusement at how punitively boring this was.

Best Lines:

“Strange and evil ways.”

“Stood by ineffectively.”

“The batphone number's unlisted.”

“What diabolical plan do you have for him?”

The Joker's Provokers

Robin gets waxed. No comment. There is an obvious Robin dummy. Robin talks about Batman training him to hold his breath – no comment. Joker makes a time machine and there is conspicuous lack of comment about the time machine. Albert has a cousin. There is no reasonable excuse for this being so bad. The Al-cycle shows up. There are delirious lapses in quality.

Best Lines:

“Dumping our parole officer in the Gotham river.”


The Victim 1x04

Anna's convicted. Rubbish. Craig aka Eddie J Turner put her through that. Craig is Eddie J Turner the child killer. Like duh. Anna was put through a trial and Craig was Eddie all along. She was right! The sexist creepy vindictive cop is suspended for his harassement of Anna. Craig makes Anna go through a victim reconcilation meeting and screams in her face that he is Eddie J Turner. Why isn't the sick bastard back in jail for putting her through this?

Craig/Eddie is all seething malignancy in this squalid and disturbing ep that could only be watched by much use of the fast forward button. It was wilful and cruel for Anna to be put through a trial and then made to go into the same room as her son's murderer. Craig/Eddie and the sexist creepy cop are preposterously villainous. Anna has colossal anguish.

This was histrionic high drama and this was full of terrible ideas. This tries to cue the pathos for Eddie/Craig. This has no narrative integrity or sinister potency. Eddie/Craig and the cop are odious. This has no tension quotient. Eddie/Craig and his toxic secrets should be locked up. This is comically awful and laughably melodramatic.

This was full of unreason and I don't care about Eddie/Craig and his wretched cirumstances and terrible capacity for evil. Eddie/Craig murderd Anna's son and put her through a trial without a throught for the consequences. This has no brisk purpose. This was ineffectual and perfectly absurd. No wonder Anna is so bitter and fixated, TPTB treated her terribly.

I don't care about the daughter's boyfriend. The cop and Eddie/Craig are the worst of people. They are social evils. This was fairly dreadful. The cop treated Anna with vicious ferocity and drove a man to attempt suicide. Eddie/Craig's malignancy of lies goes on.

How did Eddie/Craig get the scar on his face? Eddie/Craig looks up his crime online. The cop learns Craig is Eddie and attacks him. Craig's wife learns her husband is a child killing liar. Craig's friend knew all along. His wife wants nothing to do with him. Craig/Eddie denies spite and demeans the mother and blames Liam for his own murder.

Craig/Eddie lies about Liam's injuries and lies about wanting to apologise and offers a fake apology. Anna should have let her husband kill Eddie/Craig.

Line Of Duty 5x03

Steve warns an UCO in an OCG about an upcoming police raid. The armed police break into a brothel where teenagers are kept in rooms that are padlocked from the outside. The UCO screams about how right he is while being a raving paranoid. Ted Hastings acts weirdly. Polly Walker swans around. Recall how TPTB predicted she'd be a big star after 'Rome'? Ha ha ha ha ha. There's another raid. The UCO shoots someone.

AC-12 harasses people. Why do the OCG keep used condoms in a freezer? Oh GROSS! The UCO screams all his lines and says Ted Hastings is H and shoots at Steve. This bored. The UCO bothers Ted Hasting's wife.

Best Lines:

“He's dead?”

“What do you expect when you unload an automatic rifle at someone?!?”

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