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Movie Reviews: Holy Hell+The Princess Bride+The Strangers Prey At Night+The Fits+The Fly II+ 1 more

Holy Hell (2016)

This was an okay documentary about a cult run by a narcissist in a speedo. The documentary maker and his sisters were all in the cult. Their parents were uncaring and uninvolved. The cult members seem like idiots.

Naturally it all ended up in a sex scandal. Nobody went to the police. Large chunks of info seem left out. Like the forced cosmetic surgery and fate of the birds and how all this was funded. There was no ethical conduct or behaviour. There were lies and the beloved guru turned out to be a shady porn star abuser. There are no likable people in this. It's laughable. The guru has a new cult now. People bemoan events and bad faith.

Best Lines:

“Making a fruit salad for god.”

“Carved the last supper out of fruit.”

“Surrender mode.”

“Bad things were going to happen to you.”

“You can't say no. No is against the rules.”

“Not down with it.”

“He was awful.”

The Princess Bride (1987)

This was soporific. Why is this unheralded offering a cult classic that causes ongoing fascination?

The Strangers Prey At Night (2018)

The 1st film sucked. So does this one.

The Fits (2015)


The Fly II (1989)

Eric Stoltz and Daphne Zuniga star in this okay sequel. There is dated tech and it tries for dogged earnestness as Seth's son is abused for science by jackasses. A bitchy scientist dies. A poor dog is in peril. There is a kitten, is it okay at the end? Seth's son is only 5, yet romances Zuniga. There is gore and bad acting.

Best Lines:

“Fly vomit.”

“He bugged me.”

“I said piss off!”

A Cinderella Story (2004)

A girl is tormented by her evil stepmother and stepsisters. The father is culpable for allowing this to happen, he died and she was treated badly by her kin. Sam (Hilary Duff) likes Austin (Chad Michael Murray). Sam is bullied by her classist schoolmates as diner girl. Sam is catfishing Austin on her dated phone. Kevin Kilner plays Murray's dad. Austin lets his friends treat Sam badly. The school sex pervert gets away with it. Sam is bullied in front of the whole school and nobody does anything. Sam finally tells her awful stepfam where to go. Why does Sam still want the useless bully Austin? This was boring and the stepfam get very light punishment for stealing Sam's money.

Best Line:

“Droughts are for poor people!”

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