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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Monster Sized No 6-8 Reviewed

This reprints 3 issues that should be found in 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Volume 2'. The Netflix show seems to have killed this comic – irony. Salem's origin is revealed. Sabrina's dad's backstory is revealed. There are unsubtle homages to other horror tales.

Madam Satan is useless. Sabrina is so overjoyed about Harvey's dark resurrection – she doesn't notice he's not Harvey. Will banshees be showing up next? This was bewildering and bizarre and full of unimaginable torments and calls to violent action. Tensions are inflamed and there are devastating consequences. People plot to malevolent ends, make ill-advised decisions, are devoid of empathy or remorse and have a boundless capacity for violence and aggressive behaviour and serious misconduct.

This was good and deliciously creepy and somehow Sabrina overlooks Harvey's blank coldness and menacing stares. Every act is potentially damning, sinister forces gather and there are unending hellish scenarios and persistent lying and intrusive notes of threat. It's a shame, the lore implications won't be followed up on if the comic is no more because so much is consequent.

Best Lines:

“What kind of accident?”

“Your husband was delicious.”



“He must not have liked that one bit....”

“Great, unsettling doubt.”

“The Dark Pope.”

“Spoken of, in fear and awe,”

“She rather dramatically – threw herself into a den of hungry lions...”

“We were dancing in the woods for our Dark Lord while you were still in your diapers...”

“Lies, we could abide. Consorting with a mortal, we could tolerate.”

“Would be legend, even in the coldest reaches of hell...”

“You can't bring back the dead!”

“Murdering place,”

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