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Supergirl 4x15+Victoria3x03+Arrow7x15+Batman 2x12-2x19+Shadowhunters3x17+The Victim1x01&1x02+4 more

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Four years ago Lex (Jon Cryer of 'Two And A Half Men' and 'Superman IV') somehow turned the sun red and caused massive damage. This has never been mentioned before. Lex hates Superman. Now Lex is out of jail. Lena fiddles with black kryptonite.

James is badly injured. Where is Cat Grant? Alex is digsuted that Kara swans out of the hospital. The really annoying Manchester Black messed up J'onn's father's grave. Nia and Brainy bore. James has a sister. Alex is disgusted by the selfish Kara.

Where is Max Lord? Or the computer AI of Kara's mother? Brainy makes it all about him. Manchester Black annoys and finally dies. Otis Graves resurfaces and Eve is Lex's minion. Lex gets ready to rampage. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Even gods can die.”

“I'm not a visitor, I own this hospital!”

“How are you capable of this?”

“Moral law.”

“I do not like myself.”

“Who you wouldn't save.”

“I'm not very popular in prison.”

Et In Arcadia

Victoria running off to the countryside with Albert is unlikely to restore her dignity. She doesn't care about the desperate situation of her people, which is leading to increasing tensions. All she cares about it domestic accord with Albert and to think William and Kate are called workshy and Duchess do little. Laurence Fox is particularly malevolent. London is very clean. Victoria does no work and has no relatable warmth. The ever growing list of calamities and sense of threat are ignored by the socially isolated Victoria.

She's unaffected by the seriousness of events. Albert imposes order on his family. This ep is not a compelling spectacle. Toxic ideology is spewed. A footman likes a Duchess. Albert and his pathological morality impacts negatively on and constrains his wife. Albert wants to be a snowplough parent and says no to his wife. A confrontation is looming. Victoria sits admid the trappings of her ill-gotten wealth.

Albert wants deference from his wife and objects vehemently to her independence. Chaos is sown. Why does Victoria have some lace draped over her head? Bertie is bullied by his father. Bertie may have had learning difficulties not that Albert understood or cared. People have ethical flaws. Victoria has lost faith in Albert's judgement. Albert tries to intimidate his wife into silence with a tone of finality.

Albert is fearsomely critical of Bertie and sees his struggles as a personal affront and offers no assistance. Palmerston lurks and Albert does not comb his hair. Albert thinks he is all sincerity and goodness but he has far less benevolent aims. Albert gets a drink thrown in his face for being aggressive and dismissive to his wife. This was all absurdity.

Victoria's half sister (who never came to England) stirs the pot. Albert brazenly challenges his wife's authority. A footman is shouted at and fired. This was dispiriting. There is no blazing purpose. The footman gets his job back. Albert sulks. The bitter dispute goes on. A very small crowd greets Victoria. An annoying servant is up himself. Albert locks Victoria out, just die already!

Best Lines:

“Whipping up the mob against me.”

“Causing irritation.”

“There is no respect in what you have to say.”

“Trivial domestic matter.”

“Refusal to learn.”

“Radiate with sullen disapproval.”

“What's that in your wig boy?”

“People of little consequence.”

Training Day

Oliver, Felicity and Diggle roll their eyes at the notion of rules and oversight. Oliver fawns over the knocked up Felicity and ignores William. In the future William and the annoying bint Mia annoy. Felicity babbles like a child. Oliver screams, tantrums, messes up a police operation and has learnt nothing. Felicity and Oliver plot. Renee whines. Oliver is a bullying thug who messes up a case. Black Siren bores. Emiko killed Diaz. Nobody knows Diaz is dead. Mia is a whiny violent little thug. Dinah has lost her canary cry. Dinah prancing around in her vigilante costume and waving her police badge is dumb. This was a medicore. Emiko is unimpressed by Black Siren. Oliver and Felicity hope there will be a good Star City in the future. Which there won't be.

Best Line:

“Some bad dudes.”

The Clock King Gets Crowned

The Clock King is not deliciously evil and there is no sense of danger. Robin gives uncritical support to Batman who endangers him with tiresome recklessness. Batman has seriousness of intent admid the comedic contrivances. The Clock King is universally unloved. This causes constant low-level dissatisfaction. Aunt Harriet bores. Gordon and O'Hara have wives? Dick Grayson is utterly intense. This ep has glaring flaws. Aunt Harriet has a fervent commitment to being stupid and annoying. There is no ingenuity in this ep.

Bruce Wayne wears a cardi. Dick does a fist plam punch which precedes violence. There are no significant moments. Robin is always wrathful and combative and aggressive. This ep is a catastrophic error. Seatbelts are put on. Social peace is restored. Robin uses a move Ilsa Faust would break out in the 'Mission Impossible' movies.

Best Lines:


“To the tower!”

An Egg Grows In Gotham

Egghead (in a really unconvincing bald cap) does serious harm, while making terrible puns. There is a vaguely racist plot involving Native Americans. Why do they keep putting Dick in foul orange jumpers? Bruce has firm moral instincts. Relative normality does not last long in Gotham. Gordon lauds Batman relentlessly. Egghead (Vincent Price) fuels concern and a moral upending.

Batman is a tireless and fearless champion of justice. Dick has focused rage. An altercation breaks out. This was good. Egghead deduces Batman's identity. Egghead fancies his moll Miss Bacon. Egghead doesn't deduce that Bruce's ward is Robin.

Best Lines:

“Who knows what evil lurks?”

“I'll gain his attention.”

“Unquestionably out doing something inconsequential with his youthful ward Dick Grayson.”

The Yegg Foes In Gotham

Egghead does not have entirely honourable intentions. Bruce says that at age 11 he was junior marble champion of Gotham city. Batman and Robin face mortal danger and dreaded news. Egghead takes over the city and orders Batman and Robin out of the city. The GCPD are neither inclined nor able to respond to exhortations to stop crime under Egghead's rule.

There is a revocation of law and order. Bruce always wears a spare utility belt. Bruce is ever imperturable. Dick Grayson age 15 wears a tie clip. Robin plans an ever more violent response and gets covered in broken eggs. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Answer their weekly call.”

“Accursed teenager!”

“One very bad hombre.”

“This is the saddest day of my young life.”

“Foolish evil man!”

“I'm the foreman of a jury. We're trying to make up our minds what to do to a terrible nasty criminal person you know.”


“Trying to find out now. Excuse me. Oh, you decided? What? Oh. Fellas, could you leave the rope?”

The Devil's Fingers

The loudest outfits are worn by the guest star. And there are 3 molls as compared to the usual one. The guest star has big hair. 3 women in tartan miniskirts commit armed robbery. Bruce is camping. So Gordon and O'Hara are horrified at having to solve a case themselves. The guest star is Liberace and he's so camp it defies description. He also plays piano a lot. Dick has a date. Gordon takes pills. There is a death trap and this was good.

Best Lines:

“Anti-criminal cordon.”

“Dick Grayson to Bruce Wayne, what's up?”

“Bad nick brother of yours.”

“I reproach myself bitterly.”

The Dead Ringers

Why don't Batman and Robin just roll off the assembly line of the deathtrap? They sing scat to escape. Batman gets some paper stuck to his foot which undercuts a dramatic moment. Was that a goof or intentional? Harry is put under a subtle interrogation lamp. Bruce's fortune will go to Dick. There is a criminal lawyer. Chandell wants to steal the Wayne fortune. He's seen as a ladies man. There's a darkroom in Wayne Manor's hall closet? Bruce and Dick are feared dead in a closet explosion. No comment. Doe, Rae and Mimi plot. This was good. Robin is deferential to Batman.

Best Lines:

“Holy Caruso.”

“Our guise as Bruce and Dick.”

“Good boy Robin.”

“Dreadful probability.”

“Self control is sure tough sometimes, Batman.”

Hizzonner The Penguin

The impenitent Penguin is back and he has a boxing glvoe umbrella. There is an insufficent sense of urgency as Penguin runs for mayor. Dick does Shakespeare. Bruce has obsessive and controlling behaviour. Blame is assigned. Batman runs for mayor. How can he and Penguin run for mayor without revealing their legal names? There are unsubtle critiques of politics. This was pre Nixon!

Aunt Harriet is a thicko. There is a death trap. This was good. Joey Tata guest stars again as a goon. Little Egypt and Paul Revere And The Raiders guest star.

Best Lines:

“Issues confuse people.”

“Masked moron.”

“Was polite to a police officer?”

“How horrendous.”

“It's a free country, Robin.”

“It won't be if he's elected.”

Dizzoner The Penguin

Batman and Robin were tied up with thongs (not those type)! There is duress and Penguin does a smear campaign. This was okay as Penguin is manipulative, devious and sadistic.

Best Lines:

“Wonder midget!”

“I told you not to count those hobos down at the freight yards.”

“We can always get a job rating tv shows.”

Green Ice

Mr Freeze is back, played by a different untalented actor. Mr Freeze has terrible makeup and he's annoying. Mr Freeze has nefarious purposes and a female reporter annoys. Despite the director trying to hide it, Burt Ward's right arm is obviously injured. Criminals in Gotham do not have a covert modus operandi.

Robin does not do his usual palm punching. Mr Freeze meances a party at Wayne Manor. There is a fake Batman and Robin. This was demoralising. Batman's character and credibility are attacked. Batman faces disapproval. Batman and Robin sit in detergent bubbles meant to be ice. Can Batman restore trust and confidence in him? Mr Freeze keeps yelling: “wild!

Best Lines:

“I have never felt so indignant!”

“I want nothing from you! Ever!”

Heavenly Fire

Bane and Alec bore. They have no attraction or connection, respect or acceptance, affection or care. How did they get Jonathan into the straitjacket and chain him up? He has no capacity for kindness. Simon and Izzy bore. This ep causes no joy or interest. Vampires are in peril in a Shadowhunter blacksite. Undercover Simon does not feel scared, isolated or uncertain. I don't care about the angry and aggressive Jonathan. A half Seelie, half Shadowhunter from the books shows up.

Victor annoys. This was not a great achievement. There are apocalyptic fears and festering secrets. There is no considerable merit to this ep. Clary and Jonathan were connected as children? The Shadowhunter secret project is revealed. Simon is affronted. This is characteristically unsubtle. A warlock has rage and sourness. How do you make a serum from a sword fragment? Victor has essential haughtiness. There is breathtaking disregard and a deep sense of superiority. Victor has smug complacency and outright arrogance. I am not caring about season 3.

Season 3 has had a significantly detrimental impact on this show. So people are just supposed to accept the unacceptable negative impact of downworlders? This was not passionate or heartfelt. The half-Seelie is named Helen. There are no horrific revelations. Victor's arrested and he has always had an adverse effect on this show.

This was mordantly absurd. Nobody is a transfixing presence. I'm irritated by Jonathan's existence. He's a complete failure. Alec plans to propse to the appalling Bane. Why? Bane is inexcusable. I'm disinclined to care about Bane's highly vulnerable time. This was not hugely complex or highly emotive. Bane's a creepy groomer and abuser.

Best Lines:

“Never love anyone but her.”

“Invisible psychic fairy ring.”

“I feel nothing toward you.”

“Clave bastards!”

“Your creepy brother.”

The Victim (2019) 1x01&1x02

This BBC1 drama stars John Hannah. A grieving mother is on trial for incitment to murder. Which is a ridiclious charge. She is insulted at the sentence given to the boy who murdered her son. After he got out he got lifelong annoymity. So she posted the details of the man she is sure is her son's killer online. And the bus driver/probable child killer got beat up.

This is told via uninteresting flashbacks. Hannah plays a cop who is outraged she outed the bus driver in a Facebook post as a child killer. He does not care that 15 years ago her son was violently murdered by a little thug. This was obviously inspired by the Bulger case. This snorefest is full of irritating women and near identical men.

Why is the mother's ex husband in prison? Who is her daughter's weird boyfriend? Why is everyone protecting a child killer? Why are they harassing a grieving mother? Also the detective (Hannah of 'New Street Law') is a sexual harasser who likes to scream at his victim in a pub. They beaten man says he is not the child killer. But he is, it's obvious. Why is the creepy cop so hellbent on tormenting the mother? The mother's daughter is a law student. The beaten guy and his stupid wife whine.

The sexist creepy cop annoys. The bus driver Craig is so obviously dodgy. The creepy sexist cop harasses the mother's ex husband. Why is he so intent on harassing her? Craig's job doesn't want him. There is animosity toward Craig, he has no proof he's not the child killer. Craig's stupid. Who are these people? Why is the creepy sexist cop so protective of a child killer? An ex-prison officer tells of the child killer's violence in jail and how his record and ID were covered up. Craig acts shifty about court, he is so obviously the child killer.

Craig has a criminal record. Craig's wife suspects he is the child killer. Why were social services involved in their child's life? The creepy sexist cop insults the mother. Craig is 28?!? Craig was sacked. Why aren't there any photos of Craig as a child? How did he get the new facial scar? Craig shows his nasty side on the stand. This wasn't good.

Best Lines:

“7 years playing video games!”

“Insult of a sentence.”

“Get him off the wing fast!”

The Americans 6x02


Who are all these people? Oleg's back in the USA. 80S earrings are worn. This was spectacularly uninteresting. There is general misery and this was ploddingly stupid for no compellingly good reason. Elizabeth acts in a nefarious manner. There is mention of Regan's senility and there is rancid behaviour.

Best Line:

“I can't even fathom the implications of this.”

Lost Girl (2010 – 2015) 1x01

It's A Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

A miserbale bastard dies and a lot of no names star. This is what Emanuelle Vaugier has been reduced to? There are fae, aggressive smirks and exposition. No more.

Best Lines:

“Turkish prison chic.”

“I don't speak to the help.”

Quicksand (2019) 1x01


Fundamental and grave questions are raised and there is an unhealthy situation in this adaptation of a good Swedish novel. There has been a school shooting in Sweden. A girl is arrested and people have a worrying willingness to believe the worst of her. There are flashbacks and there are no tradtional values or social mores. Are they inflicting unnecessary misery on her? Her own personal dreams have not been realised. There is bad dubbing and she is not allowed visitors. She has useless parents and this has grim familarity. This was inadequacy and this causes inattentiveness. Her poor little rich boy boyfriend committed the school shooting. She's not frightened or fearful.

Orange Is The New Black 1x13

Can't Fix Crazy

Disgusting and wilful cruelty goes on.

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