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Book Reviews: Promising Young Women +The Flicker Men + more bad Buffy novels

Promising Young Women by Caroline O'Donoghue

This tale starts out well but becomes a slightly dispiriting tale. Jane is an ad agency worker who descends into ill health, a nervous breakdown, fear and uncertainty after embarking on an affair with her married boss. He doesn't always behave impeccably and devastation is impending for Jane. But one doesn't care about Jane's adverse outcomes, the shoehorned in upsetting themes, the author tracts on prevailing social attidues and Jane's constant whining about her no-belonging.

This has no insight, Jane's a disllusioned idiot and there is no genuine sense of jeopardy. One fails to see why blame magnet Jane gives her married boss profound power over her happiness which leads to her social ostraicism and breakdown. This was not completely compelling. Jane is all perfomative kookiness, her boss is all malice and misconduct.

This was increasingly ludicrious as the sullen exceptionally irritating Jane is led into bad ways and sad yearning. This was incredibly ill-judged. However the joy sucking self delighted Jane's bewildered devastation and profound incompprehension will probably be universally loved by the perpetually outraged brigade on Twitter.

This was not a satisfyingly complex shattering meditation just a monstrous absurdity trying to be deadly serious but Jane's genuinely just an awful person.

Best Line:

“Sex underwear.”

The Flicker Men by Ted Kosmalka

This is an unreadable stew of technobabble and learns that is not intriguing. This was negligible.

Best Lines:

“What would be the implications for the world?”

“Post-Malthusian growth.”

Bad Buffy The Vampire Slayer novels

Sons of Entrophy, The Ghost Roads

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