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United States of Tara Season 1 Ep 2 Review


The nice opening credits show up which is really the only good thing about this letdown of an ep. It is revealed that Tara went off her meds and that her kids are embarrassed by her. The obnoxious slut Kate continues to act like an evil Bratz doll, Marshall is picked on by a vile teacher, Max is frustrated and another of Tara’s personalities emerges.

This personality is Alice a super efficient and caustic 50’s housewife. She deals with the evil teacher, washes Kate’s mouth out with soap, plots to get rid of Tara and calls Tara’ IUD: “Satan’s tree.” This just wasn’t funny.

Best Line:
Having multiple personalities is like hosting a kegger in your brain only you’re passed out cold while everyone else is just trashing the joint.”
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