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Star Trek Discovery 2x12 + Sliders 4x16 Reviewed

Through The Valley Of Shadows

Spock looks like the Unabomber with his beard. Who makes the signals? Michael assists and snots. The ex-Emperor has buggered off. Ash was badly injured at the end of 2x11 but looks just fine now. Which is not explained.

The sphere data can't be removed from Discovery? Ash pronounces Kahless oddly. Pike visits the monestary on Boreth. Michael is onerous and pries. Ash is morally murky and Pike meets Ash's blue son who is all grown up. Ash has grave anxieties. Michael has no honesty or integrity. L'Rell shows up to bore. Michael's upset is clear. It is worrisome that no other character gets any screentime.

Klingons have time crystals. FFS. L'Rell can't ennunicate through her Klingon teeth. Ash and L'Rell scream at each other in Klingon. Her make up looks different. Pike has extraordinary strenght of will. Saru's change really has no plot purpose. This is not incendiary.

Blue Klingons lurk. Spock calls Michael sister. Odd he never once mentioned her to Kirk. Paul and the new engineer quote. Why does everyone want Paul and Hugh to get back together? Paul whines. Ash's grown up son speaks fondly of his parents. Time flows differently on the planet. Frozen Section 31 crewmembers float in space. An old crewmate of Michael's shows up. Michael has a chickenpox scar. Why are Michael and Spock whispering?

There is a yawning chasm in sense. Is there no health and safety in the future? Why are there bottomless chasms and small bridges with no railings? What are the weird pillars that Pike stares at? Pike gets a glimpse of his horrific future. Which differs from the description of how it happened in 'Burning Shadows'. Pike sees his Darth Vader like chair and scars and has PTSD shock. Why can't medical science in the future fix him?

Pike chooses his fate. How is Ash unhurt? He was STABBED! Pike is ferociously prescient and utterly serious. The mean engineer lost her spouse in the Klingon war. There is a twist and while this was good, this was not a delightful romp. There are complex social mores and Michael stands her ground no matter the consequnces. There is no true commitment. Michael goes all John Woo. Section 31 has its own fleet. Michael says it took a supernova to power the time crystal. She suggests destroying Discovery. Sad Pike has steely intensity and a statement of purpose. This was goodish.

Best Lines:

“A clossal waste of time.”

“Since our world was young.”

“Guarded with Klingon lives for generations.”

“The alternative is worse.”

“We are the time keepers.”

“Future of all sentient life is threatened.”

“Leave broken. Always.”

“Now is not the time for recklessness.”

“Choke on that!”

“Eat your protein.”

“Without name.”

“How are you possible?”

“I'm enraged.”

“Rage is the enemy of logic.”

“2 truths are possible.”

“Battle of the Binaries.”

“Walk away from this future.”

“No escaping it."

“Vegan steak.”

“People like us always find people like them.”

“Adapt your reactions.”

“You believe in service, sacrifice.”

“An ending I hadn't forseen for myself.”

Slide By Wire

A double of Maggie in a very short skirt fools the gang into thinking she's Maggie. Wade has been ditched. Meg Foster guest stars. In this world, the Cold War never ended. Quinn, AU Maggie, Colin and the crying man end up on a post apoc world. There is bad acting. Maggie is reunited with her AU dead husband. He berates her (or rather MU Maggie) for having ambition and a career. What are they using for money on post-apoc world? Colin is a non-presence. AU Maggie nearly gets the crying man killed. How are there candles and glass windows in the post apoc world? Foster turns pilots into organic flight computers. There is no sinister relish. Quinn does dumb things. Maggie is seen in granny underwear. How did they slide back to AU Maggie's world? AU Maggie is easily forgiven. This was okay.

Best Line:

“Now you want me to care?”

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