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Movie Review: The Legend Of Cocaine Island (2019) 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

This is a documentary about a bunch of scrubs who went looking for $2 million worth of cocaine buried on an island. The cocaine washed up and was buried and left there for 10/15 years. Then the group of scrubs went looking for it, trying neither to provoke nor fall victim to trouble.

The southern good old boys, a junkie and a snitch were idiots. There is a Gopher Tortoise crossing sign. People fail to take reasonable care. People evade responsibility and vent and this causes no unending interest. You get a fair idea of their characters. 'Scarface' is discussed. They plan to go and find and sell the drugs, it goes badly for them.

The idiots didn't bring a shovel to dig up the drugs. Despite incompetence they thought they would get the drugs. This plot is not socially engaging. There was passion and commitment to finding the cocaine. This has no narrative oomph. There was no philosophical conundrum, no psychological depth or fun. This was all implausible, uninteresting asides. There are social challenges as the idiots got arrested.

There are old news clips and lies. This was not raucous and it had no moral or intellectual fibre. There was a snitch and a maybe happy ending. Questions are raised and things are vague and uncertain. The end credits assure us that they are real people.

Best Lines:

“Ran that turtle research centre.”

“Somebody was out a lot of money.”

“Okay for a while.”

“He's a fat dude.”

“Climbed his ass.”

“Trial work.”

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