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Star Trek Discovery 2x11+Batman 2x02-2x04+Star Trek 3x04+Line of Duty 5x01 Reviewed 🐱‍💻🐱‍👓🐱‍🚀

Perpetual Infinity

WTF is a time crystal? We get flashbacks of the Klingons attacking Michael's parents. How is Hugh able to practice medicine? Michael's mother is the Red Angel, okay then. Nobody is overly bothered about Leland. Season 2 causes restless boredom. Hugh is an unassertive presence. Why isn't Spock in uniform?

Michael has suprised hurt and does everything and she's emotionally conflicted. Leland is not dead but he has been taken over by Control. Disaster is imminent. This ep was frivolous. How did Control get Leland into the contraption he was transformed in?

Spock has quiet distain for Michael. The Control situation escalates unnoticed. Control will wipe out all life everywhere. Why? Control is death-worshipping garbage. Tilly yaps. Paul talks. Ash lurks. Security is unthorough. Control is ideologically extreme. What did Michael's mother eat and drink in the future? How did she know about Control or Pike's fate or Discovery? Or the sphere?

Immediate risk is ignored. Spock has no idea he too will end up in another timeline/universe and die there. Pike stares and gets a hint as to his future. The Red Angel didn't do the signals. Time has will? Where's the DTI? Nobody notices the thing in Ash's hand? There is deep time babbling. There is no mention of Kirk or Lorca.

Lunatic characters say bollocks and utter disparagingh remarks. No amount of reason ever works with Michael. There is no sign of the Terran's light sensitivity. There is a hint as to the ex-Emperor's future. This was not subtle. Section 31 has 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' style combadges. Ash is left bleeding after Leland tries to kill him. Ash can't be dead! Ash's blood is red, not pink. Doesn't he have backup organs?

Best Lines:

“It looks like it's landing.”

“Questionable moral decisions.”

“That is the job we have chosen.”

“Pre-existing technology.”

“Time's motion depends on the observer.”

“I could say more about your future but you won't like it.”

“She taught me to survive.”

“Domestic matters.”

“My sentimental Prime universe counterpart.”

“Galactic graveyard.”

“Hasn't existed for a thousand centuries.”

“Is that in any way vague?”

“I like science.”

“The definition of power you once were.”

“You want her gone.”

“Self-sacrifice is not our way.”

“Control can never reach.”

“I've been killed before.”

“Find what Leland does in the dark.”

Walk The Straight And Narrow

There are comedy sound effects and Archer has created arrows that go around corners. Robin considers crime fighting work. Alfred dresses in the batsuit. Archer is the instigator of trouble. This show is a cultural touchstone and it is defiantly weird. The batcave has a lunar scanning screen. The batboat is seen. There is no scene of the batcopter.

A citizen points out that Batman doesn't obey the rules of the road. There are endless moralistic lectures. Why hasn't Archer sailed off after robbing the bank? Archer tries to strangle Robin by grabbing his shoulders?!? This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Ego making machine.”

“I are seldom wrong.”

“Just puff up your chest and look virile.”

Hot Off The Griddle

Catwoman's back and the way she dresses is not how her comic counterpart dressed at the time and she wouldn't dress like tv Catwoman for another 20 years. Does Dick not go to school anymore? Batman and Robin use their insane troll logic to fight crime. Batman has a proto mobile phone. Batman and Robin put on their seatbelts. Did Burt Ward know he was in a satire?

You can see the scenery move during a fight scene. Chief O'Hara threatens police brutality. Dick stands with his legs WIDE apart. What sounds like 'The Twilight Zone' theme music plays. There is another deathtrap and Robin is disgusted that Catwoman likes Batman. Jack Kelly guest stars. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Perfidious printsman.”

“Hooded avenger.”


“My tenacious teenager.”

“As much as the next red-blooded average American teenager.”

The Cat And The Fiddle

Parking meters are only 5 cents, ah the 1960s. Robin does a disguise and Catwoman rides a pruple getaway rocket. Rare violins turn out to be fake and are dropped off a building. James Brolin makes a cameo as a cute driver who gets a $1000 tip from Catwoman. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Haven't you noticed how we always manage to escape the vicious ensnarements of our underhanded opponents?”

“No policeman's going to give the batmobile a ticket!”

“Unhand that boy, and be quick about it, or I'll know the reason why.”

“You can't get away from Batman that easy!”



“Good grammer is essential, Robin.”

“Thank you Batman.”

And The Children Shall Lead

A then famous lawyer has a cameo as an evil alien who is summoned by evil, vulgar and loud kids who make deplorable decisions and make weird hand gestures. There is talk of tapes and the kids are evil and bad actors. This was vacuous and it has no emotional power. This was truly awful and oppressively vapid. The brats have ill intentions and terrifying powers and moral chaos. This is philosophically moribund and not an epic narrative. The brats get away with killing their parents for perceived slights and their apocalyptic impulses. This ep was thought free. There are boy sulks and there is special misery in watching this non-tension filled ep.

Best Lines:

“Parents like stupid things!”

“Always upset.”

Line of Duty 5x01

This opens with an obvious trap ripped off from a 'Highlander' episode as baddies steal drugs. The anti-corruption cops bully the only survivor. Isn't this very similar to another series? An undercover cop is in the drug robbing gang. A dude is tackled out a door. Then the anti-corruption lot bully another female cop. Adrian Dunbar SCREAMS – oh give it up mate, we all know you're the big bad. This was medicore. Why hasn't the undercover officer provided any info on any of the crimes from series 1 to 4? The undercover officer has gone rogue. Oh that's original.

Best Line:


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