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Book Reviews: The Race To Save The Romanovs + Skidding Into Oblivion, part 1 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👀

The Race To Save The Romanovs by Helen Rappaport

From the author of 'Four Sisters' comes this lesser follow up about the fate of deposed imperial dynasty. Why did various relatives and governments fail to save them? Truth be told, they were no longer of any consequence. Sense was often scorned, the former Tsar and his psychotic wife were detested both in and outside of their country. Their malign system of rule had left a destructive legacy.

This is not particularly noteworthy. The Romanovs enjoyed their unfair social advantages and were fiercely resentful at being opposed and they had delusions of self importance. This tale of how no one wanted the widely reviled self deceiving clan is sadly blandly formulaic.

Best Lines:

“He ceased to count for anything.”

“Mysterious little notes.”

“The past had not died and might, one day, rise up as a living reproach.”

“Jewel boxes that had been emptied and thrown into a pile.”

“Limited in its aesthetic taste.”

“Irrelevant former monarch.”

“One – and only one – real window of opportunity for escape.”

Skidding Into Oblivion by Brian Hodge, part 1

This is a collection of short stories.

Roots And All

This was okay. Something casts grim judgement on a small rural town. Cue a shattering metaphysical revealtion, dark revelations and a damning ending.

Best Lines:

“Hog wallow.”

“Faith in me to do such a thing wasn't entirely a compliment.”

“Awful, awful things.”

“See what you think of their choices.”

“Put a stop to her intentions.”

The Stagnant Breath Of Change

In 1969, the city fathers made a pact that preserved their town in amber. Unchaging. Now the last city father is dying and the townsfolk think no resprisal can be harsh enough for his acts as the logical consequences of said acts unfold. This was okay as emotionally traumatised people face the end.

Best Line:

“Life shunned them. Not even the most opportunistic weeds grew in them, or anywhere else.”

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