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Traitors 1x05+Supergirl 4x13+DS93x11+Batman 1x25&1x26+Shadowhunters 3x15+Arrow 7x13 + 1 other

Traitors 1x05

There are deceptive tactics and no moral courage. Feef cries and has no haughty resignation. This was truly stupendously awful. This was a constnat onslaught of stupidity. Feef realises she was given feigned love and hollow promises. There is cluttered exposition and it was terrible. This was really really bad as well as awful, boring, stupid, poorly acted and laughably horrible. This was no much nonsense and Feef reaches a ethical crossroads. This was joyless morality by unpleasant boors. There were no legitimately impactful threats.

Best Lines:

“I crawled through poop. Literally!”

“Blowing up Russia or anywhere else is not a long term solution.”

What's So Funny About Truth, Justice And The American Way

This ill-advised season drags on. This ep is simply awful. The infuriating Kara stalks Lockwood and ignores Alex. Kara is painfully misguided but has unshakeable belief in herself. I fast-fowarded through any scene with Nia, Brainy or Manchester Black. I massively hate them. Eve bores. Lena works for the DEO.

Where is Max Lord? This was mediocrity. Lena asserts dominance. Alex whines. There is no awesome drama. Kara makes threats to the POTUS. Lockwood has a midlife crisis. Supergirl wears a spacesuit and blows up a satellite meant to save Earth from aliens. There are vile words and deeds. Kara smugs and it backfires. Kara is not conditioned to do anything on anyone's terms other than her own.

This was not an artistic success. Vague threats are made. Kara preserves her interest at the detriment to others. I don't care about the baddies malign activities.

Past Tense Part 1

I love this 2-parter from 1995. The crew time travel to 2024 and see Earth's social problems. This is still relevant today. Alexander Siddig overacts. The terra-forming of Venus is mentioned – whatever became of that? This was memorable.

The Joker Trumps An Ace

The Joker is an intriguer. Bruce has Dick do an upside down jigsaw. Dick has intense resentment for and seethes at criminals. My fond childhood memories of this show hold up. Joker has evil intentions. It's worrisome that big bads get out of jail on a regular basis. The GCPD are patently unhelpful. Robin's hair goes from messy to combed inbetween scenes. The Joker sets up a genuinely nasty death-trap. How did the Joker neutralise their utility belts?

Best Lines:

“Fur salons.”

“Elegant ladies shop with doting husbands.”

“Hot rod of his.”

Batman Sets The Pace

Batman has moral instincts and he and Robin cling ever more ferociously to their own stubbornly held values and moral principles. Dry ice meances the duo. There are gestures and escapes. Bruce and Dick are called squares. There is a 'twist'. This ep leaves you frustrated.

Best Line:

“Cart this human trash away!”

To The Night Children

Will this season ever aim higher than the mediocre? The vampires plot which is a complete failure. Their plotting is not even potentially concerning. I'm sick of Bane and Alec. This was dreary. People are short of gratitude to shadowhunters. Luke's in peril. Maia has complete desolation. People are deeply arrogant and narcissistic. There are no legacy defining developments. There is bad acting and pots are stirred. Bane whines and acts like a creepy controlling abuser towards Alec. Maia kills the vampire who annoys her. A bitch bothers Clary. Simon whines. This ep causes indifference. Bane twitches. Clary is made vulnerable by her malign and evil bro.

Star City Slayer

What is Archer? Why am I supposed to care about Mia? Felicity is a terrible person. William points out what a terrible father Oliver is. Diggle annoys. William is bothered by Mia in the future. William wants to live with his grandparents. The grandparents point out how crap at parenting Oliver and Felicity are. Connor Hawk lurks in the future. So where in this future is Grant Wilson? Oliver yells at his son. Dinah has her throat slashed. Nobody cares. Felicity wants William gone so she can have Oliver all to herself. Mia is an idiot. Oliver endangers his son, again. Curtis lickarses Felicity. William leaves. I wish Mia would go away. Oliver does not listen to William's grievances. TPTB have resigned obstinacy against improving this show. This ep stirs up ill feeling. Mia and William are half siblings, like DUH. Clary from 'Shadowhunters' plays Mia and boy has her acting disimproved.

Orange Is The New Black 1x11

Tall Man With Feelings

Oh who cares?

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