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Movie Reviews: Nobody Speak + Forgotten Evil

Nobody Speak: Trials Of The Free Press (2017)

This muddled and incoherent documentary shows how the US media is obsessed with its own righteousness. People talk in overtly melodramatic tones about the Hulk Hogan v Gawker case. Which involved a man named Bubba The Love Sponge and a sex tape. Gawker went bankrupt and refuse to admit fault and make excuses for their crapulence.

People go on about a billionaire who had a poisonous feud with Gawker and freedom of speech. Journalism is regarded as the highest of callings. The trial is deadly serious business. People are amusingly enraged and do fulminations. Moral ambiguity is ignored. What is Federal Court? Moral responsibility is not discussed.

There are throughly dislikeable men. Gawker was clickbait that isn't missed. 13 million dollars on legal fees is spent. But who funded Hulk Hogan's lawsuit? There is moral idealism and rather unpleasant people. There are leaks and this was dispiriting. Bleak morals are grimly unfurled. The Gawker lot are perverts and people have an ominious mood.

The billionaire, Thiel, is made the obvious baddie. Unflattering photos are shown of him to show how dodgy he is. Then the whole Hulk Hogan sex tape plot is dropped to focus on people whining about their paper being bought. WTF? Reporters have grim pomposity and see corrupt intent everywhere as well as threat trends. This was incoherent and reporters are seriously up themselves.

Best Lines:

“Vowed vengeance.”

“Uniquely evil.”

“Doing deodrant commericals.”

“Creeping dread.”

“Financial distress.”

“Case is so sleazy.”

“Perceived as an enemy.”

“Distrust of the media.”

“Him burning the Koran on the air would be a National Security threat.”

“In the name of decency.”


“Critical of democracy.”

“Strongman who can lead humanity to greatness.”

“Less than credible lawsuits.”

“Watchdog over the powerful.”

“Impolite words were said. Loudly.”

Forgotten Evil (2016)

This is a tale of moral turpitude in which a Nice Guy is really a terrifying and hated entity subject to righteous loathing. This was enjoyably daft.

Best Line:

“We are coming for you.”

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