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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Supergirl' 4x17 promo

Lex and commiegirl attack.

'William' trailer

A couple create a Neanderthal baby. How can he speak? This looks stupid.

'Dumbo' tv spot


'Lost Girl' promo

“I'm not exactly normal.”

'Arrow' 7x18 promo


Nigella Lawson Greek Salad – yum.

What are pink fur potatoes? Or curd bread? Or bonito vinegar or lime cream?

I liked Kinder Eggs.

'Charmed' is being rebooted, too late.

Saw some of 'The Cructfixion' – the acting was so bad.

I want a ribbed top and a red mock-croc crossbody bag.

Who saw 'Amazing Stories' or 'The Replacements'?

'The Craft' is being remade.

Did more LJ tidying up.

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“God-given calling.”

“Change the trajectory of his or her life.”

“Moment of opportunity.”

“Place of belonging.”

“Source ecosystems.”

“Passed their expected lifetime.”

“Resistant to negative feedback.”

“Hailed as inspirational – at least for a time.”

“Shrieking mob.”

“Wouldn't have spared any of us.”

“Forcibly dispersed.”

“So anxious to ensure the public never knew about it?”

“Wine killer.”

“Bread that isn't really bread at all because it hasn't been proved or fermented.”

“In no mood to save his reputation.”

“Think it's immoral to spend a lot of money on better quality food,”

“Has no brain, but it does have 24 eyes that help it navigate.”

“A career which depends on patronage.”

“Sadly, or perhaps predictably for some.”

“Throat comforts.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Suspiciously quiet.”

“Moral argument.”

“Slept in corridors and even the lifts.”

'Secrets Of Egypt's Valley Of The Kings' Quote:

“Not been touched for over 4000 years.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“I can't quite see the logic in that.”

“Copyright baiting.”

“No-one and nothing can enter or leave.”

“Had invested such hope in Mueller as the saviour who would topple Trump.”

“Driving behaviour.”

“You can't find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there's not one there,”

“Get to dictate what the true local community needs and deserves,”

“Dark sky reserve.”

“Invite-only club.”

“Cultural identity.”

“Cryptic threat.”

“The man is 40 years dead but the quotes live on.”

“Sea lettuce.”

“Making demands.”

“That situation of noticing.”

“Refusing isolation.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Instigate a fight.”

“Started living in a u-Haul.”

“Her failings were not my priority.”

“Did not show up for Christmas.”

“Disgusted with my presence.”

'Derry Girls' Quote:

“Drug scones!”

'The Irish R.M' Quotes:

“I know him not.”

“Publically disgraced itself.”

“Any decent Christians”

“Do the like of nasty thing like that.”

“Quite Irish in their notion of time.”

“Lady chicken farmers?”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“We sleep on dead people sheets.”

“My parents promised to buy the car if I got straight C's.”

“I've got you favourite food! Trash!”

'The Race To Save The Romanovs' Quotes:

“A pure logical result of their own acts.”

“Considered it vulgar to make overt efforts to win the support or affection of her people.”

“Social inadequacies.”

“Her advice and company were not welcomed.”

“Wounding stories.”

“Family animosity.”

“Absolute determination to fight to the bitter end.”

“Stream of rumour, gossip and accusation targeted at his wife.”

“Avoidance seemed to be his only, and perpetual, response.”

“Consider her a misfortune for the country.”

“Already saw the abyss opening at his feet.”

“Approaching some disaster with relentless steps.”

“The abyss lies before them.”


“Very averse to taking advice.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Don't yield ground.”

'Hollyoaks' is boring, monotonous and repetitive. Myra acts like a child – she'a grandmother! Sally cries and JP appears via skype. Myra looks like a looroll. Mercedes tells Liam off. This was unintentionally hilarious. The McQueens have complete obliviousness to James. Mercedes marries her 7th husband. Sally ditches Myra. Liam vows to rebuild his non-existent drug empire.

Myra leaves and takes no responsibility. Myra heads off in her pumpkin coach. Sylver wears tiny underpants. Liam ODs and Joel needs to walk away.

Best Lines:

“Push me over again?”

“You cheated on me! With a man!”


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