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Book Reviews: The Long Night + Sins Of The Father 😁😁🐱‍💻🐱‍👓🐱‍👤🐱‍🐉

The Long Night by Andrea Bartz

Lindsay is a self-piying whiner who is destitute emotionally and surrounded by 'friends' who are all clearly irritated by her. A chance remark makes Lindsay recall the drug addled days of 2009. That was when her bff Edie committed suicide. Or did she?

Lindsay begins an unsettling exploration into the past which becomes an unsettingly lurid and alarming obsession. Lindsay is a constantly complaining irrelevance and Edie was an emotional enigma who had an intense following.

Lindsay uncovers stifled aggression and whines about being consistently persecuted and reacts irrationally. Lindsay whines about her friends leaving her uncared for and seeing her as a nuisance. Why does Lindsay have such fanatical devotion to the late manic pixie dream girl Edie who was not a good friend to anyone? This was good.

There is gaslighting, Lindsay is sullen and chaotic and no amount of reason ever works with her. Her quest has unintended consequnces as she uncovers secrets and lies. This is not finely honed subtlety as Lindsay has a hunger for happiness but also a sheer inability to live without drama. This is captivating.

Best Lines:

“She'd live in the past alone,”

“She was done with me.”

“So sure of her goodness.”


Bad Buffy The Vampire Slayer novel

Sins Of The Fathers

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