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Dollhouse Season 1 Review, Part 2

Briar Rose

Ballard is a smug tool and learns the location of the Dollhouse. DeWitt and co continue being human traffickers with god complexes. This is extremely apparent when they imprint Victor as Dominic to interrogate him. Ballard breaks into the Dollhouse and sees that his informant Lubov was in fact an Active, tasers Topher, judges November as not worth saving and fist fights Langton. In a funny moment the brawling Ballard and Langton crash into Victor’s pod.

But then all hilarity ends as Alpha steps out of the shadows to carve up Victor, menace Saunders and abduct Echo. This was okay. I cannot stand the smug, reprehensible DeWitt and co. Ballard isn’t much better and why does everyone want Echo?

Best Line: “My life isn’t real.”


Alpha’s on a rampage, so cue the melodrama. Dr Saunders is revealed in be in reality an Active named Whiskey. Alpha killed the real Sanders some time ago and so the Dollhouse just recycled him. Ballard tells the FBI he’s found the Dollhouse and they don’t believe him.

Alpha acts crazily as he plans to give Echo a composite event. It is revealed that before he was an Active, Alpha was a convict. Echo has a composite event and has a talk with her Caroline personality. It’s all very twisted.

Anyway Alpha gets away to annoy in season 2. Dr Saunders finds out she’s Whisky. Ballard goes to work at the Dollhouse despite everything. November is freed, or is she? And Echo goes back to the Dollhouse and is wiped. Why? Why would the self aware composite event experiencing Echo go back to slavery and mind wiping? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Who can fathom the mind of a crazy person?”
“The one who made him crazy maybe?”

“The wrongness of this is so large.”

“Look where you are. You’re in a lair okay? An evil lair. And you’re sitting in some messed up dentist’s chair letting a guy who talks to himself attach wires to your head.”

“He never actually killed anybody.”
“Not until he came here.”

“Why did you hit me in head with a pipe?”
“It was handy.”

“New superior people, with a little German thrown in. What could possibly go wrong?”

Epitaph One

It’s 2019 and the world has gone to hell. Dominic was right all along, the Dollhouse lost control of its technology and it destroyed civilization. A bizarre new lexicon has sprung up: Wielders, Butchers, Dumbshows, Actuals and everyone is afraid of tech as imprinting can be done wirelessly now.

A group of survivors in this terrible world find the ruins of the Dollhouse and learn bits of information on how the world ended. Plus they call Topher’s office a playroom, now that was hilarious. Anyway this ep is peppered with delicious hints: what was the relationship between Saunders and Langton? How did Echo resist imprinting? How did Whisky become Whisky again? When did Dominic get let out of the Attic? What is the cure to prevent imprinting? What did Topher do that destroyed the world? When did Topher go mad from guilt? When did the former Actives and DeWitt brick themselves into the Dollhouse? Is Alpha a good guy now? Did Caroline shoot DeWitt in the head? Where and what is Safe Haven? What happened to Whisky’s scars? Did Whiskey die?

Anyway as long hinted, Rossum’s real purpose is finally revealed. Their purpose is immortality. People will pay to upgrade into Actives bodies. DeWitt and Topher learn this from Victor who has been imprinted with Mr Ambrose the head of Rossum. DeWitt is stunned by the immortality concept and shouts at Mr Ambrose, her sick stunning hypocrisy on full display. Maybe she’s only upset because Ambrose was imprinted into Victor and Victor is her toy. How Victor’s scars were fixed and how evil rich dude was removed from his mind and how he later got his real personality back is not explained.

This was excellent. So much future plot. The glimpse of the ruined city was wonderful and the scene with Ambrose/Victor was chilling. I’ll be there for season 2.

Best Lines:
“A brothel? You mean to tell me that the tech that punk kicked the ass of mankind was originally designed to create more believable hookers?”

“Cities don’t burn because everyone got smarter. They burn because someone lost control of them.”

“How’s it feel to end the world Miss DeWitt?”

“You don’t want to end up like November.”
“Which one?”

“They really thought they were helping huh? Giving people what they needed. Is this what we needed?”
“No. Kids playing with matches and they burned the house down.”

Unaired Pilot – Echo

This was okay though you can see why changes were ordered. Some things are different and some things remain the same. DeWitt’s self-justification is present and Topher is even more of an amoral jerkass than usual. One of Echo’s assignments is accompanying a skeevy ex-boyfriend to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding so he can upset her. How perfectly gross. Also the imprint chair is utterly cheesy looking.

How long was Lubov working as Ballard’s informant? The reveal that Lubov was an Active came too soon in this ep. Ballard meeting Echo so early on and her shooting him was not a good idea. How did Sierra get that creepy head wound? Why did Topher dislike Saunders so much in this ep? When Ballard choked Echo and held a gun to her head, one wonders how he passed the FBI psych screening process.

Best Lines:
“There’s a lot worse things to be than a waitress and you’re already most of them.”

“If you engage an active then he or she…”
“She! She!”

“Gives you the one job you can’t blow because it doesn’t exist.”

“I’m gonna holster my weapon. If you try to run, do anything sudden or hit me with anything made of metal, I’m gonna unholster my weapon.”

“I imprinted her to be a sociopath not an idiot.”
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