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Star Trek Discovery 2x10+Batman 1x31&1x32+Pose (2018-?) 1x01+Babylon 5 4x21 😢😒😢😒🤷‍♀️😢😢

The Red Angel

The cyborg is dead and Ash stares and people talk about the dead cyborg. When is Pike's own terrible future arriving? I'm not terribly impressed with season 2 but this was good. Hugh the doctor who can't act was in 'My So-Called-Life'! There is no aura of danger. There's singing and why is Spock not in uniform? The big bad is an evil future AI?

Why won't Tilly stop talking?!? What's a digital parasite? People think Michael is the Red Angel. Michael makes everything about her. Leland and the ex-Emperor show up. Since when did Klingons research time travel? The Red Angel is using Section 31 tech. The phrase time crystal is used. The ex-Emperor compares Paul to his MU counterpart. The ex-Emperor and MUPaul and MUHugh got it on?

There is talk of doom and Michael's parents were Section 31. The ex-Emperor's tyrannical impulses are obvious. Michael has moral outrage. The timeline is disjointed and Michael makes misguided assumptions. There are ethical inconsistencies. Michael ups the anguish.

Michael SCREAMS. The ex-Emperor has a void where her heart should be. Michael is incensed and does moral condemnations and pointed barbs. Hugh talks to the Admiral. Michael does vociferous condemnation – yawn. Hugh is very isolated, oh boo. Michael is irritatingly judgemental. The crew plan to trap the Red Angel and use Michael as bait overlooking the obvious logic flaw in that plan.

Wouldn't the toxic atmosphere of the planet burn Michael's skin off? How is she screaming if she can't breathe? Leland is killed off in nasty fashion. The Red Angel is revealed and there is a twist.

Best Lines:

“Penchant for the dramatic.”

“I'm cringing already.”

“Don't be so binary.”

“Love is a choice.”

“Risking all sentient life.”

“Charged with killing a Starfleet officer, again.”

“She'll die!”

“Yes doctor, that is the idea.”

Death In Slow Motion

Riddler's back, again. How did Dick become Robin? Was it like the creepy grooming in 'Batman Forever'? Dick and Bruce bump into each other whilst heading for the batpole. Riddler's gang is organising against the duo and he refuses to make nice. Being put in death traps on a regular basis does Robin no descernible emotional harm.

Riddler has new moll, where is Moth? This was okay. Batman spews platitudes in weirdsville. Batman has a master key to all buildings. How did Batman and Robin fit the huge book into the batmobile?

Best Lines:

“No sign of crime here.”

“Sleeping cream.”

The Riddler's False Notion

Robin's in Riddler's filthy clutches. No comment. Batman threatens Riddler's moll with enhanced interrogation. Batman has a machine labelled 'Bat-Terror Control' – no comment. Gordon lickarses Batman. Riddler pushes Robin off a building but Batman saves him via his teeth. Batman has a troubling lack of scientific knowledge. This was not good. The stupid Aunt meets Batman and Robin and does not recognise them. FFS. There is no compelling requirement to care.

Best Lines:

“Temper tonic.”

“I might forget myself and do you violence.”


“You owe your life to dental hygiene.”

“When it's a question of Robin's safety, I don't entirely trust myself.”


It's NY 1987 and there is mumbling, trespass, theft as a subculture is explored. There is family drama, people have HIV and there is talk of Houses, Mothers and Trump. There is drama, cocaine and James Van Der Beek lurks. Evan Peters hooks up with Angel. There is rambling. Kate Mara shows up. This tries to be morally redeeming. There is exposition and 'Flashdance' is ripped off.

Best Lines:

“Conversing on matters so banal.”

“Casual corner.”

“Never engage in foul behaviour.”

“Wanna make some extra green, you could always head down to the pier.”

“Eat you like an after dinner mint.”

“I don't come to your job knocking dicks out your mouth!”

Rising Star

A woman speaks very very slowly. Why isn't Sheridan arrested for waging war on EA? Marcus is dead, bravo Ivanova. Sheridan doesn't care about the telepaths he got killed. Bester is sad about Caroline but seemed to forget her later on. Ivanova tantrums and is thankless and rude about Marcus who is DEAD. Sheridan makes himself god-emperor of the new Alliance. Ivanova knew Marcus loved her and treated him badly. People who do that are scum. Garibaldi plots against Bester, which came to nothing.

Delenn and Sheridan marry. G'kar pervs. Vir shows he is a racist. Londo is to be Emperor. Sheridan is arrogant and full of malevolent undertones. Lennier plots. Sheridan plays the victimised martyr. Delenn grins as White Stars fly over Earth, you know a little over a decade after the Minbari war. Sheridan thinks this is hilarious. He and Delenn have entitled bitchiness.

Delenn snots. Lord I hate her and Sheridan. What about the EA ships with Shadow tech? How was Sheridan 'elected' as President? WTF? Sheridan struts and is rude to the EA President. Lord, I HATE him. Sheridan boasts about manipulating alien races. Lise and Garibaldi marry. Ivanova leaves. The telepath war and Drakh war are mentioned but will never be seen. This was BAD.

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