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Book Review: Fran Of The Floods

In a drowned land, a schoolgirl fights for survival! This tale is from the pages of the long-defunct 'Jinty & Lindy' comic, which was long before my time. This was first published in 1976 and is being reprinted now.

It rains constantly and the waters rise and England faces disaster. There are evil feelings and London floods and Big Ben and Nelson's Column are nearly covered. People talk about powdered milk. There is no mention of climate change, people say the sun is too bright. England floods. What about Ireland?

People do bizarre CPR and people use refugees as slave labour. Nobody gets hypothermia or gangrene. There is plague which can be cured by oranges. There is no mud. What became of the ship's cat? People pray and there is despair, decline and the flood has unthinkable consequences. Hope isn't irretrievably lost and civilisational unity returns.

This was high intensity. From the ghastly wretchedness and delightful despair and people staring despondently into the middle distance, a hopeful ending emerges. A shark and dolphin are seen swimming around a ruined city. The dolphin's tail is wrong. A crazy man plans to kill people but is easily forgiven. Flares are worn. How is there coal? Did anyone help the poor dolphin? I thought the heroine's house was destroyed in the flood? This was good but where was the cholera and sewage?

Best Lines:

“They're leaving us to the rats!”

“You don't get refugees from East Anglia!”

“I expect he was nice once...”

“They're getting the old railway engines out of museums!”

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