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Movie Reviews: Dirty John+Murder At Devil's Glen+And Baby Will Fall+Without A Trace+ 3 others 🎂🤷‍♀

Dirty John: The Dirty Truth (2019)

This documentary tells of a deceitful, cruel and callous con-man who stole drugs, took drugs, stole money and preyed on various stupid lovesick women. He left women fearful for the safety of themselves and their children. It all came to a bloody violent end. This was marginally okay.

Best Lines:

“The unholiest of ways.”

“This is what awaits you.

“Choose wrong.”

“Do something bad.”

“Had to die.”

Murder At Devil's Glen (1999)

4 classmates reunite and have no interesting dynamics or motivations. They're indignant and rage about being called to account for a murder and coverup they commited years ago. They are jerk frat boys who wears ugly 90s clothes and have ugly 90s hair. They have no remorse and have impunity for their murderous actions. There are no convincing statements of repentence or residual guilt.

There are fateful decisions and the dudes have rampant misygony and laugh about sex crimes and the girl they killed. They don't care about the grave outcome for her. The ending is an asspull and the privileged brats get away with it in this absolute failure of a tv movie. Rick Schroder, Michael Eason of 'VR5' and 'Mutant X' starred alongside Tara Reid.

And Baby Will Fall (2011)

Brendan Fehr and Clea Duvall star. A whiny wife whines. A missing woman leads the cop with swift resolution to decide that Fehr did it. An annoying cop annoys. There are horrid rumours, idiocy and an obvious twist. There is exposition and this was very drab mundanity.

Best Lines:

“Believe my answers.”

“Cop stare.”

Without A Trace (1998)

Shelley Long stars as a hysterical wife and mother whose daughter is abducted and murdered. There is no genuine earnestness just pained vacancy.

Best Lines:

“Feel safe from people like you.”

“She's being a snotty teenager!”

“Peel dear old dad off his next door neighbour.”

Menendez: Blood Brothers (2017)

This unconvincing true crime tv movie is based on the infamous double murder. Two brothers kill their drunken mother and bullying abusive father. The parents demeaning treatment of their sons negatively impacted the family. The father was brazenly terrifying. Lyle had a hairpiece and was awful. Why did the father fish with a baseball bat? There are bad wigs and Lyle's a moron and Erik's sensitive but they still go to jail, their abuse claims mocked and disbelieved. Nico Tortorella of 'The Following' played Lyle, Courtney Love played Kitty and Benito Martinez played Jose.

Best Lines:

“You're supposed to love me!”

“Steal from our neighbours again?!?”

Bosss Of Bosses (2001)

Chazz Palminteri, Clancy Brown and Daniel Benzali star in this mafia movie in which no-one reevaluates their life choices inbetween violence and cheating. There is death and infamous names are mentioned. This was dull.

Best Lines:

“Our time is gone.”

“Too low even for you guys”

An American Haunting (2006)

Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek star in this tale of the Bell Witch. There is deceptive rural loveliness but no oppressive state of wrongness. This was daft with a questionable twist.

Best Lines:

“Too loud for squirrels.”

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