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Seduced By MadnessPart 2+Cheat 1x03+Riverdale 3x16+DS9 2x23+Star Trek 2x23 Reviewed 😁😊🐱‍👓

Seduced By Madness (1996) Part 2

Diane lies and her estranged husband is murdered on her orders. He's not even cold and she's doing extreme provocation to his grieving family. People won't listen when the children say their evil stepmother did it. Diane goes for the money. A stupid pastor bumbles and supports Diane. The kids file a lawsuit to stop the stepmonster getting the money. Rumours spread. This is like the Pamela Smart case.

The killers are useless thugs and they stupidly talk loudly and often in public about the murder. There are arrests and Diane, who openly reviled her husband, is arrested in front of her students. A stupid co-worker shrieks and causes issues. People are tried and sent to jail. This had some narrative stodge. Diane has inadequacy and is pointlessly vile. Diane's daughter is unwanted by her half-siblings. There is no sign of remorse from anyone.

Best Lines:

“You're all against me, aren't you?!?”

“A real bad dude.”

“That's whacked.”

“Saturday never happened.”

“Have time to repent?”

Cheat 1x03

What is Rose's cruel and brilliant plan? Peter Firth plays Leah's dad. Rose's dad (Adrian Edmondson) is vile. There are major sanity issues. Leah whines about feeling so unsupported and is knocked up. Oh shut up. She only has her job due to her dad. There is no interesting depth. Rose is determined and unrelenting. Leah is particularly annoying and has outright hostility. Rose has malevolent intentions. Leah (Katherine Kelly) learns Rose is her half-sister via an affair her father had. This was flat out ridiclious and seriously awful and uneventful.

Big Fun

The school puts on the 'Heathers' musical, yeah right sure. Someone was murdered during a production of the 'Carrie' musical in season 2. Archie and Veronica have broken up. There is singing and dancing and Cheryl whines.

A cult lurks in town lead by Chad Michael Murray. FP is a sherrif now. HOW? Cheryl is infuriating and clearly has nothing but distain for people. There is idiocy and Cheryl is vociferously annoying. The easy going co-director is a cultist. Archie's hair and eyebrows don't match. This was not subtle or elegant.

This is all about the dark dark side to American optimism or something. Archie bores. Veronica's father does personal retaliation on his family. Riverdale is full of narcissistic malignant perosnality disorders. Jughead's trashy mother lurks. Has it ever been explained why she didn't care that he was homeless in season 1? How long did it take to learn, rehearse, stage, costume, advertise and choreograph the musical? Betty and Jughead commit arson and the musical doesn't seem to go down well. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Run my mom out of town.”

“Tried to have me killed! Twice!”

“Are all of you this miserable?”

“Mythic bitch.”

“Can you not?”

“Serial killer fathers.”

“Big statement song.”

“Drug lord mothers.”

“So what if mom tried to get rid of your drugs?!?”


Kira and Bashir end up in the mirror universe. MUKira wears a 'sexy' outfit. The Terran Empire has fallen and a Klingon/Cardassian/Bajoran Alliance rules with the same systematic cruelty the Terrans once did. Bashir is slapped around by MUOdo and ends up in the mines. The MUTerok Nor is dark and shockingly brutal.

There is no extraordinary gravity. The Terrans are now slaves paying a moral responsibility for ancestral culpability. No Terrans have light sensitivity. This is unnerving in tone if cheap looking. Kira doesn't know who Kirk is. MUKira does exposition on the fall of the Terran Empire. Oh MUSpock – you done goofed.

There are toxic relationships and MUKira doesn't know about Lorca or the fact the Emperor knew about the UFP. Bashir says Kirk's crossover incident was taught at the Academy. Klingon women have boob armour but don't speak. Bashir meets MUO'Brien. I'm sure the Terrans are bitter about the catastrophic consequences of the collapse of their Empire.

MUGarak plots and nobody looks for the wormwhole that Kira mentioned. Kira and Bashir's visit has a negative impact on the Alliance. Bashir causes MUOdo to blow up. There is speech-making by MUKira. Kira and Bashir escape. MUQuark dies. MUSisko stops partying and being emotionally stressed by MUKira and decides to rebel. Kira makes an 'Alice In Wonderland' reference she shouldn't know. The doomed New Bajor is mentioned. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Terrans don't have souls. We don't believe in them.”

“My side once changed the course of your history.”

“She's not easily amused.”

“That's more creative than he usually gets.”

The Omega Glory

The crew come across the empty USS Exeter and beam on board taking no isolation precautions. The away team are infected with a virus. They beam to a nearby planet and find the USS Exeter's captain: Ron Tracey who has gone crazy. He's interfered in a war between the planet's 2 tribes: the Kohms and the Yangs. Tracey has no basic morals just moral rot.

A woman wears a fur bikini. Shatner hated this ep. McCoy goes on about Earth's bacteriologcal warfare experiments on Earth in the 1990s. Scarily accurate. He and Spock figure out that Omega IV not a pre-warp wasteland but a once advanced civiliation reduced to rubble by a war waged with bio-weapons.

Things get increasingly manic. Spock snarks and uses mind powers. There are fight scenes and this was narratively frustrating. This was memorable if not immensely gratifying. Music cues are unsubtle. McCoy is amiable. Tracey is crazy and meanders amok. Omega IV had parallel planetary development with Earth as a US flag and US constitution are waved around and the names of the 2 tribes don't need explaining.

There is a terrible air of doom and gloom. Shatner does a big speech. Tracey is a medicore person with an attiude far above his station. There is no awe, fear or wonder.

Best Lines:

“Star captains.”


“Lock up the savages.”

“Contemptuous of death.”

“Speaker of the holy words.”

“Were you cast out?”

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