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Movie Reviews: Willing To Kill+The Similars+The Villainess+Who Killed JonBenet+Next Of Kin

Willing To Kill: The Texas Cheerleader Story (1992)

This true crime tv movie stars Lesley Ann Warren, Tess Harper, Dennis Christopher and Lauren Woodland. Wanda (Warren) is eternally hopeless and taunted into maniacal rage by a snoot (Harper). Competition over cheerleader spots make Wanda angry as 80s clothes are worn.

There is big hair and grievances over cheerleader spots. This was very medicore. People do virulent condemnations of Wanda ignoring the ugly undertow of bullying by the snoot (Harper). This was bland and insufferably slow and theatrically absurd.

Best Line:

“I'm here too you know.”

The Similars (2015)

This Spanish 'horror' is so obviously inspired by the 1960s 'Twilight Zone'. This was painfully boring and torpid. This was not terribly worthy of notice and it is insultingly daft.

The Villainess (2017)

There are blood, stunts, violence and people get thrown through windows a lot. This has inventiveness. The title character has a child and there is a swordfight on speeding motorbikes in a tunnel. There is a sneaky spy and violent situations. This was watchable.

Best Line:

“So melodramatic.”

Who Killed JonBenet (2016)

Michel Gill of 'House Of Cards' is in this true crime tv movie which is tweely narrated by the murder victim. There are appalling implications and aggressively nursed betrayals and people quickly passing beyond the realm of respectability. People are misery generators. This was absurd and stupid.

Next Of Kin (1982)

This Oz horror is sadly not nerve-shaking.

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