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Book Review: After Dark

Vamps: After Dark by Nancy A. Collins

This is the 3rd in the ‘Vamps’ series. By day New York is ruled by the professional anorexics of ‘Gossip Girl’, but after the sun goes down the ‘Vamps’ rule. As ‘After Dark’ opens the vampire debutante ball descends into a bloodbath when vampire hunters attack.

Cally ends her relationship with vampire hunter Peter permanently by killing his father. It’s a relief that Collins more or less writes Peter out of this book. He’s a character with whiplash mood swings and is about as deep as a bottle cap.

With Peter off doing whatever it is he does, Cally plans a career in fashion while her demented demi-sister Lilith plots to achieve fame and fortune by overcoming the vampire’s inability to cast a reflection.

This is a good read. The vampire history and culture Collins has created continues to intrigue and fascinate. Plus the petty bickering of Cally and Lilith is overshadowed by ominous stirrings in the grown-ups world. Will there be a 4th ‘Vamps’ novel? I hope so.
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