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Star Trek Discovery 2x08 + Batman 1x27 Reviewed

Project Daedalus
The Admiral shows up. Spock doesn’t have a sterling reputation. There is arbitrariness and things happen for no compellingly good reason. Pike is legendarily terrible. Ash is not in this ep but he faces relentless criticism. Pike is not conciliatory. Michael needs to go away. Spock does not mention Sybok. Control is Section 31’s threat assessment system and it’s got smart. Michael has selfless dedication to making everything about her.

Michael has an idée fixe that Spock is her brother. Tilly won’t shut her damn mouth. Machine woman is a cyborg. People babble about the UFP not using mines but on ‘DS9’ they mined the wormhole with cloaked self-replicating mines. Michael sparks resentment. It is exceptionally hard to care about Tilly or Michael. Why is the Security Chief wearing a skirt? Where’s the DTI?

There is lens flare and this was disappointingly conventional. There are blade mines and blackout mines and a really dumb fight scene. This was deadeningly lifeless. People are so stupid. There is profound despair.

Best Lines:
“No conscious life of any kind.”

“Critical strategic decisions.”

“I disappoint him.”

“Get off my ass.”

“No individual expression whatsoever.”

“Full of self-importance.”

“The entire Klingon war was your doing.”

“We will never relate as equals.”

“A fugitive vessel.”

“There are others like me.”

“That can’t bode well.”

“Everything is because of you.”

“Hit it.”

An apocalyptic future.”

“Loud thinking.”

“I cannot logically reconcile.”

“The Federation does not permit the use of mines.”

The Curse Of Tut
Where do the baddies hire their henchmen and molls? Wildly inaccurate Egyptology is spewed as King Tut debuts. Gordon can’t pronounce ultimatum. Why do the henchmen follow King Tut who is a really a Yale professor with an acquired brain injury who thinks he is a pharaoh from unnamed ages in the past? This was mortifying.

Best Lines:
“His stately residence Wayne Manor.”

“Noble sanctuary of nature.”

“Strange and sinister dimensions.”

“Halt you deluded creature!”
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